Liberate thyselves, ladies!

Do you dream…of unapologetic authenticity? Of using that towering pile of self-help books next to your bed for a bonfire? Are you ready to make your own rules? Do you consider an hour with your massage therapist to be more helpful than an hour of psychoanalysis? Then welcome to your new home! My mission is to help you embrace your inner rebel…and celebrate a life lived with rampant lust, laughter, inner-confidence and creativity.

I’m a proud Girl Scout Dropout, mother of three, Irreverent Widow…and (clearly!) know a few things about love, death, dating, sex, parenting…and living life on your own terms.

Fasten your seatbelt and join me…it’s going to be a wild ride!



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“Tour de Brassiere”


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  • Forget melatonin. Forget prescription sleeping pills. I have discovered the secret to sleep: List to Eckhart Tolle before bed. ZZZZZZZZZZ.


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