ARE YOU LONGING for more love, laughter, lust and authenticity in your life? Do you fantasize about using that rotating tower of self-help books next to your bed in a communal bonfire? Do you ever look into the mirror and wonder to which galaxy your inner rebel has moved?

Yes? Well, welcome to your new home, my sassy, sexy, supah-smaaaaht girlfriend. I’m so happy you’ve found me!

As women, we face challenges and transitions that can, quite frankly, make us a tad cranky. But I am here bearing good tidings of great joy! These times that range from mild confusion to the pit of despair are opportunities to transform our lives. Sometimes we simply need some inspiration and perspective. Which is where I come in.

My Mission is to help you discover your own personal recipe for freedom, empowerment and happiness. I’ll be offering up topics from the silly to the philosophical…the ones lurking in the deliciously dark corners of your mind…sex, death, dating, love, money, spirituality, motherhood, menstruation, (“Are you, Alice, menstruating?”), marriage, etc…along with a sprinkling of my own brand of domestic bliss: crafting, entertaining, decorating and cookery. (If you have not yet noticed, I could be Martha’s younger sister. We do both hail from New Jersey…although only one of us has been to jail. Click here for my Martha Memoirs. Yikes!)

We have a lot of fun here, so please visit often for your daily dose of love, support and laughter…as you navigate the magical adventure that is womanhood. Uteruses, ovaries, breasts and a working knowledge of potholders are not a requirement.

Your partner in hormone-enhanced crime ~


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“There is a time to laugh, and a time not to laugh. And this is not one of them.” Inspector Clouseau

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