Liberate thyselves, ladies!

Do you dream of using that towering pile of self-help books next to your bed for a bonfire? Do “traditional” support groups make you break out in hives? Do you consider an hour with your massage therapist to be more helpful than an hour of psychoanalysis? Then welcome to your new home…you’re one of us! I’m here to help you live life with unapologetic authenticity, love, lust, laughter and creativity…even when things aren’t going quite according to plan.

I’m a proud Girl Scout Dropout, mother of three, Irreverent Widow…and (clearly!) an authority on love, death, mid-life dating, sex, single parenting…and living life on your own terms.

Fasten your seatbelt. I can’t wait to laugh with you.



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“Tour de Brassiere”


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Helping you to navigate life’s little unpleasantries while keeping your sense of humor (and style!) fully intact.

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  • Forget melatonin. Forget prescription sleeping pills. I have discovered the secret to sleep: List to Eckhart Tolle before bed. ZZZZZZZZZZ.


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