A sense of humor is the path to liberation.

Do you dream of…rampant daily laughter? Using that towering pile of self-help books next to your bed for a bonfire? Ditching your therapist and getting a massage? Having a cocktail on your way home from yoga class? Well thank God you found me…because my mission is to help us take ourselves, and life, less seriously.

I’m a proud Girl Scout Dropout, mother of three lovely yet sometimes irritating children, reluctant Irreverent Widow…and clearly know a few things about navigating life’s little unpleasantries while keeping ones’ sense of humor fully intact.

Welcome to your new (stylish) home. I’ve been waiting for you!



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“Tour de Brassiere”


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“Making the world a less disappointing place…one tidbit of humor at a time.”

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  • Forget melatonin. Forget prescription sleeping pills. I have discovered the secret to sleep: List to Eckhart Tolle before bed. ZZZZZZZZZZ.


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