Are you oh-so-tired of grieving?
Do you find "support groups" to be cesspools of commiseration?
Are you ready to bid your despondency adieu and feel joy again?

Welcome to your new home!

I'm Sandi Amorello. I've been through a lot of unwelcome
events in my life. Stuff like death. Abuse. Trauma. Tragedy.
Just like so many of us here on planet earth. I've tried therapy,
support groups, gurus, crystals, psychics. Etc. Some of it helped
a bit. But I still felt a deep underlying sadness and grief.
I missed laughing. I missed the sparkle that used to be in my eyes.
And then one day I had what I can only believe was a direct message
from my deceased teenage son, who was probably tired of me wasting
my precious life...
I woke up and thought, "F    CK GRIEF."
No, really...
"Fuck You grief! Who do you think you are? You're ruining my life!"
And I felt like a new woman. Strong again. Empowered again.
It was kind of that simple. (Plus, it made me laugh to say it and
write it - which is always a good sign!)
So, here I am. Filled with hope and love and possibility again about the
future. Because, yes. Fuck Grief. We have a life to live!
And I'd love to help you raise your gorgeous, strong middle finger to grief, as well.
To help you set yourself free! 
To help you laugh again. Smile again. And rediscover the joy in your heart and the sparkle in your soul.
I know how to rise from the pit of despair. How to start over and create
a whole new life. Or simply make it to the next day. And I can help you
do it too.
Because I'm the real deal.
At a minimum, I promise to make you laugh. 
Maximum? I could change your entire life.
Now...let's get started, shall we?  
Know a widow?
Love a widow?
Snoring husband?
Boring husband?
Need a fresh perspective?
Irreverent Widow
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Note: This is actually me.

            In my chicken hat.

"A truly liberated woman is unapologetic

 about her laughter, her tears, her sense of   style, her sex drive, the state of her home

 ...and the contents of her refrigerator." 

                                                     Sandi Amorello

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