Would you be mortified if your epitaph read,
"Here lies Florence... she was a very pleasant woman."
Have you seen the darker side of life?

Do you prefer your guidance with a side order of humor?

Welcome to your new home!

I'm Sandi Amorello. I once spent five hours making
Martha Stewart's chicken pot pie recipe. Two months
later, I buried my 42-year-old husband. These events
are not related, but my point is...I know what's important
in life. (Hint: It's not the perfect pot pie!)
I know how to rise from the pit of deep despair, create
a new life, and discover joy again. I'm the real deal.
At a minimum, I promise to make you smile. 
Maximum? I could help you change your entire life.
Now...let's get started, shall we?  
Know a widow?
Love a widow?
Snoring husband?
Boring husband?
Need a fresh perspective?
Irreverent Widow
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"A truly liberated woman is unapologetic

 about her sense of humor, her sense of   style, her sex drive, the state of her home

 ...and the contents of her refrigerator." 

                                                     Sandi Amorello

Disclaimer: This is actually me. In my chicken hat.

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and devotion in a way that is completely legal and
not creepy.
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...and an unapologetic sense of humor.

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