A brief glimpse...

into the dark recesses of my soul.
 A vintage version of me. 
 This is Romeo.
 Our twenty minutes
 together changed me forever. 

I'm Sandi Amorello. 

Welcome to my inner sanctum. 

I originally crafted the kind of "about" page branding authorities would have condoned...written in the third person, filled with formalities and facts. Designed to impress and convince people that I'm worthy. And professionally capable. And not merely some woman off the streets armed with a laptop, a paintbrush, and kooky ideas about life.

But I hit the delete button on that respectable but "so-not-me" document and instead decided to share this with you:

YES. I did go to college. And I even recall graduating. That said, I've never been impressed by diplomas and degrees. (Unless someone is operating upon me.) I know that The University of Life is the most valuable school of all. And what it can teach us is generally more transformative than anything we can learn at any man-made institution of higher learning.

YES. I did follow the yellow-brick-American-Dream road to happiness. I unexpectedly fell in love in college with a beautiful man, had a beautiful wedding, and had three  beautiful children. We had a rather special and creative and beautiful life. We even had a picket fence. A white one.

Then I lost my young husband to pancreatic cancer and, thirteen years later, my teenage son in a car accident.


YES. I've experienced deep grief. And deep despair. I've been depressed, I've felt hopeless, helpless, frightened and alone. I've wanted to end my life and I've cried my way through too many boxes of Kleenex to count.


I've also laughed until my stomach ached. I've experienced immeasurable joy and happiness. I've loved deeply and have been deeply loved. I have known the miracle of giving birth to three healthy children, and of watching them blossom.

I have gotten everything I've wanted in life. And more. It took a while for that to dawn upon me, because it sounds wrong, considering my losses. But it's true. 

Through my misfortune, I have gained an ever-deepening and ever-less-serious perspective on life that is... quite fortunate. I know how to find endless joy in the little things. And I know how to create my own happiness. With courage and creativity. And that's why I'm still here. And by "here" I mean, alive...and doing what I'm doing.

So instead of a resume and a mission statement, here are some things I love to do and feel passionate about:


Making art. Writing. Nature. Flowers. Fresh veggies and fruits. Farms. Animals. And especially cows. 


Rescuing vintage treasures from the fate of the rubbish bin.

Because objects hold stories, love and positive emotional connection. It's good for our earth, and for our hearts!

(I operate a sort of adoption agency...finding new homes for old and odd things that are lovely and special in my eyes. My heart hurts when I find things that are so magical...and are not being valued and loved. And I find such joy in finding them new homes. And to know they're now bringing joy to someone new and getting a second life.)

Creating joyful interiors and spaces filled with color, meaning, and playfulness. The kind of spaces that make people's hearts feel at home.

Helping people fall in love with their true selves, and with life.  

My heartfelt intention, when I wake up each day, is to use my creativity and enthusiasm to spread joy, weirdness, love and laughter ~ to awaken others to the everyday little pleasures and treasures and acts of kindness that bring true meaning and fulfillment to life.

We're all on this wild adventure we call life together. And it's a beautiful but short ride, so please cherish it. And laugh about it (and at yourself!) as much as possible.


Thank you for visiting me here today...and I hope you'll come back often. 



And now back to the third person (because I loved this part of my original "about" page!):

Sandi was last seen headed north on Interstate 95 in a refurbished 1930s orange pick-up truck carrying three crates of organic kale, 127 vintage issues of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, a substantial number of spare ribs, barbeque sauce...and a small LLBean grill. 


She is thought to be traveling with her imaginary future canine accomplice, Romeo. Both are assumed to be armed and dangerous. Anyone with information concerning her whereabouts, please contact Ken. Her parole officer. ;)

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