Spin Cycle.

No. I’m not at a spin class. I'm not sweating (attractively, of course) in some saucy Lululemon outfit. I’m not at Soul Cycle. I’m at a laundromat, and thought I’d use my twenty-three minutes of washing-machine-time wisely. I can hear some of you thinking, “Oh, that poor woman…doesn’t she have a washer and dryer of her own at this point in life?” Actually, no. I no longer do. And I'm quite content currently being the non-owner of any large appliances. Although, admittedly, the whole laundry/ washer-dryer situation did weigh quite heavily upon my mind as I searched for a new single-chick “nest” after selling our home in Maine nearly a year ago. The apartment I ended up loving had nearly every

Who's laughing now? Me.

This is one of those days. One of those "secret anniversaries of the heart" that Longfellow mentions in one of my favorite of his poems. He was speaking of happy memories, not anniversaries of sad events in our lives...but to me, those five words describe quite perfectly the way we all, as human beings, have dates and moments that mark events that turned our lives and our hearts upside- down and inside-out. And on those private anniversaries, we walk through our day ~ drinking our coffee, having our conversations, interacting with humanity. Carrying on, while carrying a tender secret in our heart. Last night, I sat down intending to write a few meaningful thoughts to share in honor of Cole o

Breaking up. With your furniture.

Letting go of that which no longer brings us joy is good for the soul: Places. People. Stuff. And, heaviest of all...furniture. When I sold our home in Maine last spring, I got rid of so much. SO MUCH. Taking the accumulated furnishings of a family of four and distilling them down to what I'd need for my new life chapter featuring a "family of one" was not an easy task. I've moved a lot of times in my lifetime, and no matter how many times you've moved before, each time, it's a new set of feelings and a different blender-ful of tactical and practical challenges. At some point during every move, especially the ones earmarking a huge life transition or down-shift, space-wise, we need to face t

Easter surprises.

I love holidays. Mostly because I love celebrations. But when we're not in a place in life we ever dreamed we'd be, holidays can be a happy and sad affair. They shine a spotlight on, (or sometimes pour vinegar directly into) the holes in our hearts. Even though Easter is the major religious holiday of the Christian year for most (Christian) adults, and is filled with the promise of candy for most children (Christian or not) it's always felt like a "lesser" holiday to me. Even as a child, I recall feeling most excited about the flowers, the colors, and the eggs ~ three things that actually have more to do with Spring than with religion. Fortunately, you don't have to be religious to enjoy an

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