Happy Halloween, Darling! Are you a lover of all things Halloween? I am. It's one of my favorite holidays. It was one of my favorite holidays growing up ~ primarily because my inner actress got the chance to dress up and go out into the neighborhood and let loose her repressed Ingrid Bergman. Or Carol Burnett. Not surprisingly, I fell in love with and married a man who loved Halloween as much as I did. When it comes to love, I suggest you forget things such as religious affinity...find out whether both of your mothers made ingenious Halloween treats. Or encouraged the baking of pumpkin shaped cookies...or sewed your homemade Halloween costumes! Now there's a creative and dedicated mom. As an

Signs of the Divine...or just batsh*t craziness?

Good Morning, lovely one. I must admit to you, this cheerful "morning stuff" is not easy for me. In fact, it's so against my natural grain that after only one short week, my higher self is getting a wee bit cranky. I missed yesterday's posting because of a social engagement the night before. Enjoying life does throw a monkey wrench into things! Oh dear. I may simply need to switch over to a "Good Evening, Darling" message. We shall see. (As grown women ~ and human beings ~ we are allowed to change our minds. With no justification, explanation or remorse. Did you know that? It's true, darling!) Outside of that, I've been having a rather challenging twenty-four hours ~ sorting through paperw

Sunday School.

Good morning, darling! And happy Sunday to you. I hope you're doing whatever brings you comfort and joy on this last Sunday of October. Sundays can be fabulous days, now that we're all grown up. But when we were younger, they were perhaps sometimes a bit more harrowing. Do you remember ever having gone to Sunday School? I do. It was a rather torturous event. Getting up early, getting dressed up in "churchy" clothes. (Because people used to actually get dressed up for things like church!). Sitting at a long folding table next to an assortment of other bleary-eyed children in a church annex building, under the tutelage of a generous adult (or at least an adolescent) armed with a special displ

Pumpkin Spice and Hope for Humanity.

Good morning, Darling...Happy Saturday! I'm not going to spend too much of my precious Saturday morning ~ or YOURS ~ on my musings. But I do wish to share a bit of autumnal levity with you, if you can spare a few moments. So it's the last Saturday in October. My favorite month. Not merely because it's the month of my birth ~ and Halloween ~ but because orange is my favorite color. And October is an orgy of orange. Orange pumpkins, in particular. And while on the topic of pumpkins, I cannot help but take a gentle left turn and go down the road a bit further...to the sub-topic of "pumpkin spice." Unless you are residing under a bridge, or the current political landscape has you hiding in the b

I'll be seeing you.

Good morning...so nice to see you again as the sun rises above the horizon and the miracle of another day is once again upon us. Well, I can kind of see you. And I'd see you much better if I could find my glasses! I know you probably think the fashionable spectacles I'm wearing in this photo of me are just a "prop"...but I assure you darling, they are not. This woman clearly means business. And she's not a happy camper! Oh dear. I'm sure she also thinks it's unnatural to get a grey eyelash hair. And on that point I completely agree! I for one never imagined I'd need glasses. No one tells us these things when we're young maidens, reading teen romance magazines under the covers by flashlight

By the Light of the Silvery Moon.

I must say, you're looking quite rosy-cheeked this morning...have you already been out in this apple-crispy autumn air? Perhaps your dinner date last night ran a bit, ummm, longer than planned? These things happen to us all. No judgments here. ;) Me? I've been going for long walks in the moonlight as well. Not intentionally, but due to my ongoing challenges with personal time management. I shall also blame it partially on the fact that it's now getting dark at such an early hour! Although, truth be told, I do love the coziness of a long and dark evening. As much as I enjoy and even relish the summer...all of those hours of daylight (in one short day!)can sometimes prove quite taxing. Do you


THERE you are, you minx. And how are YOU today? I hope you're well-rested and ready for brilliant breakfast inspiration, because I have some scrumptious tidbits to share with you today... Today I'd like to talk with you about the chicken. My spirit animal. Well, at least that's what my children ascertained to be my spirit animal many years ago. (But quite honestly, it had more to do with the way my hair often looks in the morning than about any profound animal connection. And it certainly is not because I am, in any way, "chicken!") Yes. I own a chicken hat. Don't you? Actually, it's not chickens I'm going to talk with you about today, but something with which they share an intimate connect

Nourriture Pour Chats.

Hello Beautiful...how are you faring today? I had a marvelous night of beauty sleep! After taking a long walk in the brisk New England air early last evening, I prepared a sumptuous dinner for myself and my two pussies. Our delightful gastronomic foray began with some light hor d'oeuvres, followed by a lovely bottle of 2013 Crozes-Hermitage from Maison Nicolas. Which I must say did pair spectacularly with our Steak Frites. Another romantic dinner at Chateu Chat Lunatique. Wait. No. That simply can't be. I had a dinner date with Javier last night! That must have been a dream. The cats weren't even home...they were spending the night at my mother's! Am I going mad?? No, I am not. And neither

Dear Sandi: Is Meat and Romance a Porn Site?

Well, aren't you looking fabulous! Better than me, no doubt. I'm not a proverbial chirpy and chipper "morning person" but I've decided it's time to challenge myself. To spread my early-bird wings. And so, I'll be brightening your every morning with tidbits of whatever brilliance has floated through my head during the previous twenty-four hours. Things I could imagine adding sparkle to your day today. (Unless illness, an act of God or an unusually steamy date with Netflix [or an actual human being] the night before intervenes.) Confusing? Oh dear. I hope not! So in this, my first official early-bird communique, I've chosen to get your day off to a radiant and cheery start by explaining what m

Birth Day.

This is what "LIVING" looks like. A thirteen-year-old boy with a healthy dose of self-esteem in a faux-fur coat on skis in a suburban Maine neighborhood on a winter's evening. And I wish I could go out there and hug him. Right. Now. Today is Cole's birthday. It's hard for me to believe it's the third birthday without him. He'd have been twenty. But for me...this is him. Always. Ageless. Cool. Dressed in women's clothing. Looking glorious. And not giving a sh*t. ;) One recent evening I ended up going down the internet rabbit hole...transitioning seamlessly from some spiritual sleep-inducing video to what ended up being a marathon of interviews with Prince. Before he died. (Obviously. If they

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