Clues that your "Knight in Shining Armor" may just be a Narcissist... in Aluminum Foil.

You remember that day. It's that day when you found yourself online at 2 a.m. performing Google searches for phrases like, "men who can't show emotion" and "signs of narcissistic personality disorder" and, perhaps, "WTF. He used to text me 50 times a day and now he's treating me like a piece of dog poop stuck on the bottom of his shoe." Or the classic, "How to tell if he's emotionally unavailable." I don't want to write about this more than once. Because honestly, anyone who can treat people with cruelty while claiming to love them don't deserve any of our breaths. Or our f*cks. But because I care about other women (and men) who may have suffered or are currently suffering at the hands of a

OWN IT, Baby.

Good Evening, Darling! In this season of love, peace, happiness, joy, merriment, egg nog and champagne bubbles...I have ONE BIG WISH for you. And that is this: If you are feeling sad, if you are missing loved ones who are no longer here, if you are overwhelmed by messages of merriment...OWN YOUR GRIEF. OWN YOUR TEARS. OWN YOUR SADNESS. Don't stuff it in a box under the tree. Don't drown it in a bottle of holiday-flavored-vodka. The most perfect of perfect holiday's hard not to weep sometimes, amongst all of this f*cking perfection! Don't pretend. Don't act merry-f*cking-merry when you're feeling empty inside. For once, OWN IT. This time of the year can be a minefield when our

You Have (No) Mail!

Good Morning, Darling! And how are you today? I see you're looking marvelous, as usual. Even by the light of this decidedly non-beauty-enhancing computer screen. I don't really know how you do it. One day you will need to share your secret with me. I put on some facial cream before retiring last evening and when I awoke, my eyes were barely able to open. Alas ~ the price of beauty! So I went to bed last night thinking about technology. And mail. Mostly I was thinking about the joy of my linen duvet cover and how cozy my bed is! But technology and mail were also there lurking in a tiny dark corner of my mind. Now, while I've been making as much use of technology as possible and focusing on i

The Patron Saint of Creative Inspiration.

Good Morning, Darling! Well, another Monday morning is upon us. Actually, it's now nearly the afternoon! Oh dear. Well, that's how I roll. I was up until all hours last evening, because of a little thing called "inspiration." Inspiration is a sneaky and marvelous thing. You never know when it's going to show up. It's akin to minding your own business and reaching down to pick out the perfect basket of pesticide-free raspberries at the farmer's market when a man's finger brushes up against yours and ~ Bam! ~ you look into one another's eyes and love has unexpectedly arrived. Inspiration can be equally unexpected, and just as lovely a surprise. (The raspberry scenario has yet to happen to me,

Natural Habitat.

Happy Friday, Darling! It's a glorious, sunshiny (although by the time I finish penning this, it could be cloudy/rainy/snowy...because it IS New England)) day here in southern Maine, and I can't wait to get outside and feel that crispy autumnal goodness on my cheeks. But before I go running out the door, I have a few thoughts to share. And I thank you in advance for reading them and inviting me into your head and heart. And your life. After much moving and grieving and regaining my balance...I'm back in full-on creative mode: designing joyful spaces, writing, making art, cooking cozy meals...and I feel energized. It feels delicious. It feels like I've come HOME. It's not a place. It's a fee


Well good morning, is INDEED a good morning, is it not? The election is over, and there is a feeling of hope in our hearts. And balance. At least a bit more balance than we had on Monday. Plus, the blight of decoratively-incorrect political signage polluting our streets will be removed, and our delicate eyeballs can at long last have a respite! People got out and voted.I got out and voted with my daughter, which felt like a genuine treat and act of solidarity. It felt amazing actually. Witnessing the long lines of cars and people walking in the rain and mud to reach the voting venue. And it felt good to feel part of something so important. There was a buzz in the air. People see

Do you hear what I hear?

Good Morning...and aren't you a welcome sight on this gray Monday. I hope you had a lovely weekend, and got out into the fresh air. It was rather mild here in Vacationland this weekend, but given the recent content of my email in-box, I was half expecting a blizzard. In fact, I had a horse-drawn sleigh on alert, in case my car became snowbound! I say this because I've noticed something the past few days that's left me wondering about the evolution of humankind. My email in-box is overflowing ~ filled to the brim on a daily basis. Not with letters of devotion and adoration from my suitors or fans of my musings (as one would expect, wink wink), but with dozens of notifications from various ret

Technical Difficulties.

Good morning, my dear. You may have noticed my absence the past few mornings. I've been feeling a bit...burnt out. My schedule has been completely upside down, and on top of that, I have been experiencing a blight of our modern existence: "Technical Difficulties." I don't know about you, but I believe that when technology begins to drive us to the brink of rage, exhaustion and lunacy, it is a message from The Great Architect of the Universe that we should, indeed, get back to the art of living rather than the art of "sitting at a desk with a computer, disguised as a phone, attached to our head...trying to fix the communication problems with another computer that is sitting on our desk... tha

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