Of love lists and cat food.

People, including myself (and especially the myself in a previous incarnation, i.e.before people I adored began to die on me and I realized we have no time to sit around and complain) love to complain about things. But wouldn't it be lovely if we all walked around each day, talking about the things with which we are currently having an affair of the heart? Wouldn't that be refreshing and delightful? I mean, we could all do it. And the world would be so much lighter. I'm going to begin making more of an effort to do this. To make a daily love list. Once in a while I'll post it. Or maybe more than once in a while. Maybe it'll become a weekly thing. Who knows what excitement could ensue! ;) Of

Mud Season.

Soil + water = MUD I live in Maine. And in Maine, we have a little thing called Mud Season. I'd never heard of Mud Season while growing up in New Jersey or during my many adult years in assorted New England states. We definitely had a spring season. And a winter season. And they accompanied the traditional summer and fall seasons. And we had mud. But there was not a formal and definitive fifth season: Mud Season. Maine has a long and extended winter...and according to a report I read somewhere recently, the second coldest spring of any state in the US of A. So perhaps that has something to do with it. Winter often seems to segue directly into summer with not much time to enjoy the blooming o

International Women's Day? Who Knew!

Proof that our scars and broken parts just make us stronger ....and more beautiful. xo Happy Friday, Women of the World! Apparently, it is International Women's Day. I know this only because when I opened my Gmail this morning, every other email had included in its header, "International Women's Day." Which was a big surprise to me, but also absolutely no surprise since there are celebratory days for everything these days. Apparently, we are supposed to be wearing purple today. I look terrible in purple and shall be happily wearing some other color that better suits my skin tone. Also, I think the ribbon color for pancreatic cancer is purple, and I never went down that road either, despite

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