Our Epitaphs.

I'm tired of grieving. I think I'm pretty much grieved-out at this juncture. I spiraled into a grief cocoon last week and didn't emerge until...well...yesterday! As anyone who has experienced deep grief knows, it's interminably exhausting. And it's relentless in its desires. Like having a sex addict for a lover. Harold: You drive me wild with desire. I cannot get enough of you, my sweet! Gladys: Again? Well, I guess we can. But we've already done it seven times today! Maybe we should call room service first for some cheeseburgers and iced tea. I'm feeling a bit dehydrated. And grief is also a bully. It hits you over the head over and over...no matter how much you want to move on. No matter

Just another April in Paris.

Note: I wrote this on April 17th. Not today, which is May 3rd. This is the last (I promise!!!) of the pieces I mentioned having penned last month, whilst I traversed the "anniversary" of the week of Cole's accident, moving on, and life celebration event... and made my way to to the other side. It hit me like a steam-roller...even though I knew it was all coming. And although I had thought I could make it through without the assistance of large amounts of Kleenex, I was completely wrong and knocked down for the count. But feeling our feelings is the only thing that can get us to the other side of anything heart-wrenching. And so...my motto is to keep on crying as long as necessary until you

The Dark Dog Days are Over.

Note: I penned this on April 15th...and then I had a change of heart and simply didn't feel like making my "private day" into a public one. But now I'm beyond the dark days and despondency that unwittingly overshadowed far too much of my April and I know what an important message this still is, and so...I'm sharing. I hope with all of my heart that if it resonates, you'll share it as well. (I can also hear Cole yelling into my ear, "For the love of all that is holy, hit publish, Mew!" He is unrelentingly persistent, even moreso in the afterlife, if that is possible.) __________________________________________ This is a song I LOVE by Florence and the Machine. Until a month ago, I thought th

Bridalville: Episode One

There is actually something called "Unmarried and Single Americans Week" that has, apparently, been being celebrated since the 1980s. I imagine I didn't know about its inception or existence due to the fact that I began dating my future husband shortly after 1980 and became betrothed shortly before 1990. So the 80s wasn't a "singles awareness" kind of decade for me. From Sandi's vintage treasure trove of weirdness: Bride and Groom in a box. Ooooh....scary! :) Full disclosure (or at least partial): I recently held a part-time job at a bridal shop for nearly four months. I took the job at the start of the new year to jettison myself out of my apartment (where I write and engage in creative ven

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