Of Luscious Living and Tomatoes.

One luscious, interesting tomato straight from the garden is better than a thousand cookie cutter tomatoes straight from the industrial farm. (FYI - I said that...not Confucius). I love tomatoes. And words. Lately, I've been eating a lot of amazing tomatoes (end of summer in New England, anyone?) and writing a lot of words (some of them more amazing than others). One word I'm using a lot in my new "Meat and Romance" business service descriptions and offerings and marketing materials is LUSCIOUS. As in, Luscious Living.. and helping others to live a more Luscious Life. Being a rather weighty and passionate word, I've chosen it carefully...and I've been thinking a lot about what the concept me

Cluck. Cluck. Pluck.

One of my many chickens. Perched upon my new kitchen windowsill. Along with sparklers, which are my omni-present homage to my son Cole. (It's probably a rooster, but close enough. I'm past the point of caring about perfection. And besides, I'm very supportive of gender-fluid poultry.) Preface/ Disclaimer/ Addendum: I wrote this piece a few days ago. It's about being "less than courageous" sometimes, and how we need to follow what fills us with joy in order to reach our true potential. And to heal and move forward, rather than remain "safe" and possibly stuck in fear, stagnation, or worse yet...the pit of despair. I intended to post it that same morning. And then my internet in my new home w

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