My idea of a workout.

Recently, I was out treasure-hunting at a thrift shop (whose location shall remain anonymous) and a very "mature" gentleman, dressed in a rather dapper outfit, walked in a few minutes after me. He began chatting with the sales people and seemed to know them. As I was perusing some vintage clothing, I couldn't help overhearing a conversation he was having with two of the female employees as they collectively peered out of the shop window, looking down into the parking lot at what I realized must be his car. It was a chilly day, and they were discussing the fact that it was a convertible...and asking when he'd be putting it in the garage for the off-season and driving something more "Maine win

Conditions are perfect.

Happy Sunday evening, Darling! Or Monday morning. Depending on your body clock and/or work schedule and/or level of insomnia. I simply couldn't wait for Halloween (or for a better haircut!) to post my first video on my new "Meat and Romance" YouTube channel. I'm clearly not that patient. Or my excitement at getting back into video-making-land was THAT uncontrollable. Or a touch of both. And so, without further ado...(and now that technology is cooperating once again after having made my blog inaccessible for the past hour) you go: Why, YES! I did choose this still-shot from the video precisely because of its high level of goofiness. It would not be something I'd use to lure in a new

Pardon our appearance.

I was in a store recently on a continued and extensive search for new bedding for the new beds in my new home, and I came upon a sign that said something like, "Please pardon our appearance as we create a more pleasant experience for you." Note: Not actual sign. This is my artistic interpretation, created for illustrative purposes. ;) I mean, a big thank you to them for letting me know the reason behind the plastic drop cloth covering the decorative candle display, but I found the sentiment a bit presumptuous. Because how exactly do they know what I would consider a more pleasant experience? Will they be installing cozy velvet chairs with plump down-filled cushions for me to rest upon, and o

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