Norman Rockwell Has Left The Building.

Oh Norm. Did you have to saddle us with this? Seriously? Perhaps there is a Norman Rockwell Foundation set up to pay the therapy bills of American citizens. Not to call BS on a dead guy who's not here to defend himself, but I'm calling BS on you, Norm. Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone. I hope the handful of you who are going to be participating in anything at all similar to the scene above realize that you are the "One -Percenters" in the arena of holiday bliss. And you are probably disliked (outrightly, or under the cloak of sarcastic or envious congratulatory remarks) by the other ninety-nine percent of us. We can thank Norman Rockwell and the delusional collective mind of American societ

Cats, Crystals and Commitment.

Good Morning, Darlings! And happy Sunday. It's beautiful and sunshine-y here and I hope it's the same wherever you are. Today, I have another video to share. As you may or may not know from blogs or videos I've posted in the past (which you may or may not have read or watched), I've made a commitment to myself and the Universe to post a video each week. With some sort of subject matter that will be of value to at least one human being on this planet. Whether it saves their life or just makes them laugh for thirty seconds and adds a spot of brightness to their day. But technology does not always cooperate with our heartfelt commitments and intentions. And so, this video, which I prepared on

Set your clocks back, Darling!

One of my favorite days (and evenings) of the year! The day we are gifted with an additional sixty minutes! Hooray. Took a lovely little sunset beach walk here in my magical Maine to celebrate...thought I'd share my thoughts with you. Enjoy your extra hour and live your authentic joy. Because life is a brief and wondrous journey to who knows what. (And remember...don't worry about what your hair looks like! Everyone else is too concerned with what their own hair looks like to worry about yours. HA!) Sending much love... Sandi xo

Halloween Madness.

Our 17-year-old cat Cecil. Dressed in the Priest costume (intended for use by a dog). If you watched my "pre-Halloween-intro-video" video, you will recognize this get-up, because I swore that having owned this for approximately 9 years, I'd finally get one of our cats into it this year. Beanie is far too regal and I could not shame her in this manner. Cecil, however, is a different story entirely. ;) Happy Halloween to all of the wondrous souls brave enough to be part of my new creative adventure! This is, and has always been, pretty much my favorite of all holidays. Dressing up. Pretending to be some other person or better yet, some other creature. Free candy. Free candy. And did I mention

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