Weird and Inappropriate and Confusing. Oh, my!

An example of a randomly weird, inappropriate and confusing image from my personal collection of randomly weird, inappropriate and confusing images. Enjoy! I am proposing these are three words we all strive for in the New Year. Well, at least those of us who are looking to get in touch with our inner voice and our authentic yearnings. I'm thinking of moving. Again. I've only been in this house for four months. And I'd most definitely lose money by getting out of my lease eight months early. But I probably rented this place for the wrong-but oh-so-right reasons and now my weird authentic inner voice is telling me I want to have a new adventure. And people will think I'm kooky, in general, and

Santa's not sorry. (Although he should be!)

Did Santa ever offer a heartfelt apology to Rudolph for his blatant cruelty and prejudice against his red nose that wasn't based on the fact that he needed a favor from him on Christmas Eve? Nope. Did Mrs.Claus apologize to Rudolph to smooth things over? I think we all know the answer to that. ;) An article centered on not saying you're sorry may not appear to be in sync with the loving messages of the holiday season. And for that, I'm sorry. HA! Just kidding. Nope. I'm not sorry. This happens to be on my mind and if I wait until January 2nd, it may be lost forever to whatever is lurking in the shroud of mystery that is 2020. At the risk of sounding full of myself (again, not really sorry),

Medium. At Large.

This is absolutely hysterical. More middle-aged white women (much like myself at my most desperate moments!) looking for answers and grasping at straws. Ps...I love you Kate McKinnon!! And I'm pretty sure I would have gotten more out of paying you $85 to make me laugh for an hour! Today I went to see a medium/psychic. I should have been wise enough to spend the $85 on a massage, where you are pretty much guaranteed a great experience, but it's the holiday season and my emotions and sentimentality are in overdrive. I was longing for a "message" from my late son or husband...and I thought, WTF....I haven't been to a psychic/medium in many years. Why not blow the budget I just drew up yesterday

Thank You, Mr. Frost.

My magical winter wonderland walk through the woods. On an island. And yes, that's water off to the right. Swooooooon. xo Do you remember your first experience with public speaking? I do. And I'm not talking about something light and fluffy in front of your Girl Scout troop. I'm talking serious public speaking. The kind where you feel nauseous and your palms get sweaty. I was in the third grade (I'm sure one of my classmates will recall my scintillating rendition and correct me if I am wrong and it was actually the fourth grade), and I was chosen to read a lovely poem at an outdoor assembly. There were students and parents and a band and a podium involved. The poem was by Robert Frost – Stop

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