Slippers for a life I didn't have.

Northern Europeans know what true sexiness is: warm feet. If you're a chick-flick fan, you have almost definitely seen Under the Tuscan Sun. (Possibly more than five times.) Diane Lane and Sandra Oh and that hot guy from Positano. And the memorable tidbits of dialogue like, "creepy Italian trees" and "I am going to make love all over you" and one of my favorites, "How stupid am I? I bought a house for a life I don't even have!" Last year, while living in an apartment in a history-laden, refurbished mill building equipped with poured concrete floors and luscious radiant heat...I bought slippers. The first slippers I'd purchased in what probably was well over a decade. I bought them because I

Love of Letters.

" Fill your paper with the breathing of your heart." William Wordsworth Yesterday, I mailed a card off to someone. A handmade card. I'd been meaning to do it for weeks now, and finally when it popped into my head for the dozenth time, I grabbed paper, fine point Sharpie markers, and some fun vintage images I'd gathered for this sole purpose: To make someone smile. More exactly, to give someone an envelope to open. An envelope that came to her mailbox from one hundred miles away, and had been touched by someone who is thinking about her. Someone who cares enough to take twenty minutes to create something for her. And so I at last pushed aside my laptop and the pages of the book I'm working on


I have a fabulous New Year's idea for you. Not a resolution. More like a gift you can give yourself. A cool and wonderful and potentially life-changing gift. I realize it's already January first, and we've all officially begun 2020, but I was having such a lovely and technology-free New Year's Eve evening (not sure that is even slightly correct and I do not care) that I chose not to ruin it by getting on my laptop. I wish I could lay claim to this brilliant idea, but I cannot. I heard it while listening to something on YouTube a while back and when I remember who said it, I shall give them full credit. The idea is to give up a word. One word. And everything that goes along with that one word

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