Sunday School in Lock-Down.

Happy gray and drizzly Sunday afternoon from Cumberland County, Darling! (The hub of "viral activity" here in Vacationland. Which is why I'm not venturing into any store until I have eaten my last dried bean and Amazon has stopped delivering cat food! ) How are your spirits holding up? (And no, that's not a polite way of asking if you've run out of gin yet!) I mean, how is your soul doing? How is your heart doing? How are your emotions doing? This is a difficult time for so many of us...for all of us really. However, those of us who are fortunate enough to *just* be dealing with being sequestered, and not on the "front line" (as in, we are NOT saving lives in hospitals or makeshift hospitals

WAKE UP, Darling!

I feel compelled to inform you upfront, this is a long read for a blog post. But it's inspired. By some force other than myself. I literally leapt out of my cozy bed this morning, on fire about penning this post. I barely had the patience to responsibly brush my teeth, wash my face (and hands, of course!) and feed my cats. So here I am. Brushed. Washed. And with felines with full tummies. If you have been reading any of my writing over the past decade, you know I love to be lighthearted and focus on the positive and that I can find humor, albeit sometimes very very dark humor, in pretty much any situation. I try to blend wit with my wisdom. Or sometimes just provide entertainment, because it

KrappyKrafting ™ for the Home Office: Project #1

Hello there, Darling. How are you faring? It's a tough time to be trying to work – and many of us are working from home. For some, working from home is a brand new experience, and possibly even something they've fantasized about. For others, like myself, working from home is nothing new. Or particularly stressful. Meanwhile, some people are most likely going batsh*t crazy sleeping, eating and working under the confines of one roof. For those of you who would currently rather be working ANYWHERE but home, I'm happy to announce that I'll be offering up exciting ideas to help make working from that large spare space (formerly referred to as a closet) across the hall from your teenager's bedroom

Attn: We're All Going to Die!

Hmmmm. Maybe. Maybe not. However you go, make sure you've lived fully, and go out with a bang! Okay, not today or tomorrow or next week (probably, but don't sue me if you you do...I've never claimed to be a psychic!), but at some juncture we're all kicking the bucket, exiting stage left, being called home, giving up the ghost, meeting our demise, passing on, passing away, losing the battle, croaking, corking off, or whatever one's euphemism of choice may be. As a society, we are abysmally lacking in our acknowledgement of this fact. This part of life. Because yes...death is part of our life cycle. And so, this virus thing (which is also part of life and nature), is suddenly taking over our

To the gentleman who received my son's heart...

One of six letters I mailed off last Monday to the New England Organ Donor Offices. Right before Coronavirus craziness skyrocketed. Good evening my fellow Americans. First, every not-positive thing I've ever said about technology and having an online business, I take it back! Second, I hope you are knee-deep in toilet paper, appropriate disinfectants and frozen vegetables. Third, if you are a health-care provider or grocery store employee or delivery person...I thank you for your personal service and sacrifices and I hope people are showering you with love and compliments. From an appropriate distance, of course. Personally, I have had such an abundance of words I'd like to share during this

We interrupt this meditation with a message from the squirrels.

Cute little motherf*cker, isn't he? Note: If you are offended by the F-word, or by expletives in general, please put on your big girl panties now, or cease and desist with the reading of this post. Thank you! xo So it's been awhile since I've shared any deep or shallow thoughts via my blog. Not to make excuses, but I remember exactly what happened: It was early February, I was ready to pen a new post about squirrels, and just like that, my cat threw up on my keyboard. And so, after a few expletives and after trying ridiculous things to bring my laptop back to life and then interpreting the event as the Divine's not-so-subtle way of telling me to lay off the laptop and utilize my deceased so

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