Pandemic Video #8: Your Internal Guidance System is screaming at you. Are you listening?

Little did I know these diminutive Johnny-Jump-Ups were professional hit men, sent to take me down! Hi there my friends, loved ones and Darlings... I needed to take a sabbatical from my blog writing and video posting because I suffered a direct and deadly hit to my the form of some very delicate and lovely flowers. So I decided to take as long as I needed to process it all, and it turns out, what I needed was four days of zero news, social media, or interaction with anyone of whom I wasn't especially fond. Today I was out picking up additional food for my kooky and finicky and oh-so-charmingly demanding felines, and afterward I was inspired to pull over in a grim looking parking l

Pandemic Video #7: Life is short, listen to your heart!

Well hello again, Darling. I was fortunate enough to escape to a desolate beach today (and I mean desolate in the best and most exciting way possible!) and created an amazingly short little snippet of a video with a few thoughts – really one BIG thought – about the brevity of life, and how to use this "extra" time we have in relative isolation to contemplate some big decisions. Because, well, life is far too short to waste any of it on the wrong people, circumstances, activities and all the rest. It's really pretty simple to figure out our personal path. But it does take courage. And I know you've absolutely got some, or you wouldn't be reading this! So here we go, video number seven...I can

Pandemic Video #6: Pandemically Perfect Beauty

Look! It's Barbie! Who knew she also modeled for book covers (In addition to dating Ken, maintaining a fabulous wardrobe...and perfect hair!) Happy Wednesday, Ladies (and a few Gentlemen.) I'm here for you today with video #6 in my ten-part-pandemic-video-challenge. This one if full of thoughts on grooming. And beauty. Especially during these hairdresser and professional pedicure-free days! I invite you to listen to my personal thoughts on all of this...and to chime in with any thoughts, suggestions, fabulous ideas or personal moments of enlightenment you've experienced whilst living through this dystopian pandemonium. I created this video up in the attic. Which is really a perfect location

Pandemic Video #5: Humor – Our Ultimate Survival Tool

Not a superlative quality photo...but I couldn't get Kate McKinnon or the notorious RBG to meet up so I could photograph them! So this will suffice. For now. I completely intend to get them to acquiesce eventually. Good evening my friends and loved ones and dare I say, comrades in arms? So here we are – day six of my video challenge – my how the time flies! Tonight I'm proudly presenting video #5. Because yesterday was just a yucky day and well, I'm not about perfection anymore. And couldn't inspire myself to create a video #5 in the midst of that glumness. It wouldn't have been anything worth watching. But this video is. (I believe so, anyway.) So let's keep rolling along, shall we? I had a

Pandemic Video #4: Deep Easter thoughts at my favorite cemetery!

Happy Sunday evening to one and all. I hope your regular old Sunday or Easter Sunday (for those celebrating Easter) has been a lovely one thus far. As promised, I have ventured out today (safely, of course!) and created a fourth video in my 10-day-pandemic-video-series-challenge. I wasn't certain what to chat about today, but then I went for a walk at one of my favorite old lovely cemeteries here in southern coastal Maine...and well, since it was Easter, I found myself easily drawn to one of my favorite topics – the spirit realm. Woooooo Hooooo! This is an (almost exactly) three-minute short little video, and I hope you'll be able to take time out from your evening to watch. And w

Pandemic Video #3: Talk of Sex, Love and Dating during lockdown

Happy Saturday evening (if you're a night owl)...or Happy Easter morning...if you're not. I'm admittedly posting this, video #3 in my ten-part-pandemic-video-challenge, a wee bit late...due to the fact that I spent nearly eight full hours having another in a series of "pandemic parking lot visits" with one of my dear friends. It started shortly before noon and lasted until sunset. Wow! A new record for us! And let me tell you, it was quite cathartic. Because not only did we share a lot of deep and meaningful thoughts. We also shared a lot of not-so-deep and not-so-meaningful thoughts. Actually, what we ended up talking about for a good portion of our time together was not what I expected t

Pandemic Video #2: Safe but Brave!

Happy Friday to all of you, my loyal (or perhaps only occasional) readers. And watchers. And listeners. Welcome to the close of another volume – and by volume I mean week – of pandemic pandemonium. This is video numero dos of my ten-day-self-imposed-video-challenge. One of my goals is to make each video a bit shorter than the previous video. This will be quite challenging in and of itself, since I can be quite the prolific talker. Fortunately, it also makes me a prolific content creator! I have so many things I want to discuss and share with all of you. Today we'll be talking a bit about strong women, brave women, and women doing good in the world. There will also be a mention of fruit tree

Pandemic Video #1: Getting Out Our Megaphones

Good evening Darling...I hope you're faring well and weathering this "storm" (and by storm I mean not just the pandemic but also, if you're in southern Maine, this freakish yet beautiful April onslaught of snow!), along with experiencing doses of inner joy, inspiration and creativity. If you aren't, here's a little video filled with my personal thoughts on getting out our megaphones and how vital it is to keep on keepin' on...and to look for laughter and smiles through it all. Today I'm beginning my posting of a series of videos. Ten to be exact. I'm challenging myself to post a video every day, for ten straight days. They're going to be short by my standards. Which means a lot shorter than

The Humor Apocalypse: Edition #1

Good evening, Darling! How goes it in your sad and tiny little isolated world? You are undoubtedly spending more time alone or with a limited number of loved ones, but remember, you are absolutely NOT alone! I mean, how great is it that we're going through this mad social experiment at a time in history when we're able to communicate in the blink of an eye. Or even less time than that. Which, I guess is nanoseconds or something. Twenty-five years ago, we'd have really been losing our minds. Remember the delights of dial-up internet? (If you even had a computer. And I'm thinking I did not!) And thirty-five years ago? We'd have been crying to one another whilst being tethered to a wall with a

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