Tutoring. With a Twist.

One-on-One Creative personal instruction.

For the overachievers amongst you. (And you know who you are!)

Lighten up your living spaces ...lighten up your life!

Would you love to be surrounded by colors, objects and personal treasures that make you feel cared for, ALIVE...and in tune with the true longings of your lusty heart? If your current spaces are at best leaving you feeling stagnant, and at worst causing you to cry into a glass of cabernet, then I'm your woman. Forget HGTV. Forget Martha. When we're going through a major life transition or transformation, our living spaces often need to change, as well. What we are surrounded by makes a huge difference in how we feel. And you need to get help from a designer and life-stylist who has been through more than just design school. This goes beyond THAT.  I'd be honored if you'd allow me to help you reALIGN, reDESIGN, and reCREATE your living spaces so they make your heart feel joyful, comforted and at "home"~ whether you are living in a rambling farmhouse, a suburban colonial, a city apartment, a hotel room, out of a suitcase...or in a tent. Home is where the heart is, even when that heart is healing, moving on to a new chapter in life, starting over or simply in need of inspiration and a jump-start.


An initial 60 minute consultation is $225., with additional hourly rates and packages available. Price quotes are ultimately dependent upon your individual needs, scope of the project and location. Please contact me for more details about my services, to set up a complementary 15 minute phone call, and/or to receive a client form so I can learn more about how I might help lighten up your heart, your life, and your living spaces.

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