Interior Decorating

& Decluttering

Surround yourself with what you love.

Are your living spaces a reflection of the authentic and fascinating you?

Are you surrounded by the colors, fabrics, furnishings, objects, and frankly just plain weird /freakish/fun things that make your heart sing? Or... are you living in the perfectly vanilla pages of a Pottery Barn catalog. 

If you don't walk in the door and feel as if you are surrounded by a whole lot of fabulous "YOU-ness"...then you have some changes to make, darling.


And I would love to help. (keep scrolling!)

Step #1 

The Cleansing

   "Breaking up is hard to do."

Are you crying over your clutter? Are you looking for 

someone who can give you a step by step plan on how to deal with a house-full and heart-full of belongings? I have sifted, sorted, donated, yard-saled, purged and packed enough times to qualify as an expert. I have moved across the street as well as to new states. With three children. With animals. Alone. My name is going to be on the side of a U-Haul vehicle one day soon. And not only have I done it all, I have also done it all while climbing out of the pit of despair. I have cried and absolutely also consumed martinis while packing up boxes of my former life. And

I have the soggy cardboard to prove it.


I am an expert on moving. Not just "moving on," but moving. Literally. I am your woman! You can do this.

I can help.

Step #2 

The Bedroom Re-Do

"Stop with the kitchen! 

Your bedroom is the heart of your home."

The kitchen has long been known as the heart of the home. That's a lovely sentiment. However, I am going to suggest that your bedroom is actually the heart of your home.


Because the bedroom is where it all happens.


Where do you go to weep when you've just found out your book was rejected by the 49th publisher...or that your husband has cancer? Probably not the the cold marble of your kitchen island countertop. No. You curl up on your cozy bed. And where do you have sex? Ok maybe sometimes on your imported English vintage pine kitchen table. But mostly, your bedroom. Where are your clothes?  Where are those little French panties your lover, Alejandro, bought you for your birthday? Where do you stare at your reflection in a mirror to decide if your Cowboy boots are looking hot with that vintage floral skirt? Where do you keep your vibrator? In your vegetable drawer? Brrrrrrr. Probably not!


Given that most of the intimacies of our life take place in our bedroom, I'm going to suggest that our bedroom is a very important room. 

And therefore, how you feel when you wake up in that bedroom most mornings and when you fall asleep in it most evenings is very important. To your state of mind. Your mood. Your comfort. Your joy. Even your level of optimism about life and your general mental health.  

If you'd like to transform your bedroom into something special, a place worthy of your fabulous self, and the many hours and intimate moments you spend there...I am the woman to help you make it happen.

Contact me here to set up a complementary consultation and get more details on how we can work together. 

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