Sandi's Life Permissions






Permission to be unapologetically COURAGEOUS and HONEST about who you truly are. With yourself. And the world.



Permission to LISTEN to your inner voice. Your intuition. Your inner wisdom. Your gut.

It’s your truth. And will always point you to your true north.



Permission to REDISCOVER, REINVENT and REDEFINE yourself.

Figure out who you are…values, priorities, wants, needs, dreams, desires,  passions, hopes, talents…and design a life that fits those things. What parts of your current life are still working for you? What parts aren't? You can wake up and decide to be someone new. Anytime and as often as you want. The Universe permits U-Turns and loves a good reinvention.



Permission to say NO to things you don’t really want to do and/or add nothing of substance to your life. (And not feel guilty!)



Permission to say YES to things you do really want to do. (And not feel guilty!)



Permission to BE HAPPY.

Stop living a life that’s based upon satisfying other people’s expectations – satisfy your own needs, passions and desires. Stop caring what other people think of you. They’re generally too busy thinking about what everyone else is thinking of them to really be paying attention, anyway. :)



Permission to LAUGH. (Even in the midst of crying.) A sense of humor is the ultimate antidepressant, and the ultimate life survival tool. If you have one, consider yourself blessed. And for God's sake...use it. Often!



Permission to CRY. (Even in the midst of a conversation with the appliance salesman at Home Depot.) There is no such thing as “speed grieving.” It’s a process that’s unpredictable and non-linear…like a winding road. It takes time. People will not run screaming into the woods if you cry in front of them. And if they do, who cares? Stop stuffing down your own emotions to make the rest of the world feel more comfortable. 



Permission to DREAM. Being a “daydreamer” is a gift. Not a curse. Uber-productivity is overrated. Robots and machines are meant to be productive. Humans are meant to bring magic to the world. There is a time to dream, and a time to act upon those dreams. Imagination is the seed from which all wondrous and worthwhile things grow. If you have an imagination, consider yourself blessed.

As Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."



Permission to STOP taking life (and yourself) too seriously. None of this is all that serious, my friends. Sad and heartbreaking sometimes, perhaps. But not serious in the grand and awesome scheme of the Universe.



Permission to PARENT in a way that feels genuine, loving and reflects your values. Don’t waste your children's time, or your own, on things that are “expected” by society. Make your own map. Stop doing things that add nothing of substance to your child’s life, or your own. Reclaim your parental power.



Permission to LIVE like the fabulously freaky human being you are... and die with no regrets.



Permission to SLOW DOWN. Life is short. Be mindful. Live in the moment. There is no future. And the past will quickly turn to dust. But we have the precious and spectacular now. Which we miss out on altogether if we’re always living in the fast lane. So breathe…listen…watch…look…and be amazed at the wonders all around you, and the peace that fills your soul.



Permission to HAVE and SPEND your money.

Money is freedom – use it for activities and pursuits that are of value to you – not just goals or “stuff.”  Stuff and status doesn’t make us happy. It’s experiences and time with people we love that ultimately creates happiness. Spend less time focusing on leaving a legacy and focus more on spending time with those you love.



Permission to ENJOY SEX.

As much of it as you want. As often as you want. With whomever you want (as long as they are of legal age and 100% on board!). Just because you’re a woman and just because you’re not actually in college doesn’t mean you can’t still have the libido of a college frat boy. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel as if there is something wrong with you just because you’re sensual, sexual and enjoy nakedness. And if need reading glasses to read the instructions for your vibrator...Rock on.




Human beings don't like change. But change is an opening. And a catalyst. Accept it and learn to embrace it. Change = growth. If nothing changes, you’ll never grow. And if you can’t embrace change, you’ll never be happy. Change is the only constant in life. Learn to expect it. Learn to love it for what it is. Even if it hurts sometimes…it hurts even more to long for what no longer is.



Permission to TAKE RISKS.

We actually have so much freedom in our lives – the biggest thing limiting most of us is fear of taking risks. Remember: all possibility lies within chaos, and all opportunity lies in the unknown. If we opt for safety and stagnation and the comfort of what we know, we miss out on most of the fun and joy of being alive. 




It’s no fun and it’s boring. Plus, it’s impossible. 



Permission to STOP CONFORMING. 

Our society – including friends, family, teachers and advisors  – often wants us to  listen, behave and follow a “formula” for happiness and success. We are sold a bill of goods where outcomes and rewards are promised that cannot be achieved or guaranteed. And even if they do come to fruition, it often results in nothing resembling authentic happiness.Take the road less traveled. Follow your own

path. Conformity is generally in direct opposition to courage. Be courageous.



Permission to LIVE A REAL LIFE.

Explore what’s in your heart, follow your instincts and live a life that’s of your own unique design.  Stay true to your own needs, dreams, passions, values, hopes and talents. Make your mark upon the world. A  true legacy lies in the way you’ve lived your life – it’s not about the money, stocks, bonds, real estate or other possessions you leave behind. That’s not a legacy. That’s just stuff. Your true legacy is the time and experiences and love and tears and laughter you’ve shared

with the people you cherish. And who cherish you. 





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