The Classic Girl Scout Dropout T.

Our patented physique-enhancing design makes any day happier!
Classic gray 100% cotton T-shirt with GSD logo silkscreened in black and medium gray.

Ladies sizes S/ M/ L* Gentlemen's size XL
*these do run small (I think elves made batch will be more true-to-life!)) and are form-fitting, so order accordingly if you'd prefer it less so.
S= 2-4 M= 6-8 L= 10-12 larger than size 12 would probably prefer the men's XL.

SIZING EXAMPLE: I'm a size 6  and the M is body-hugging. I wear the L when I want more wiggle room. And the men's XL when I plan on eating an extensive amount of pasta for dinner.

GSD Classic T-Shirt

Option 1
  • To extent the life of your beloved GSD-T....wash inside out, and in cold water. xxoo

  • We love to make you smile and are confident in the quality of our magical offerings. If there is every any issue with something you have ordered, please contact us and we will do our very best to set things right. xo

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