24" x 24" fine art giclee' print on stretched canvas. From an original oil painting by Sandi Amorello, signed by the artist. Unframed. (*shipping & handling included)

An excerpt from my story, "Follow Your Bliss"
(From my book, The Irreverent Widow)

"Looking at the painting I had just spent the morning working on in that beautiful Vermont early August light, I was overcome by a feeling of joy unlike anything I had experienced in a very long
time. I will never forget it...a feeling of renewal and rebirth. As if I had come alive again. Reclaimed a part of myself that I thought had been lost forever...dead. But it wasn't! I wanted to not only cry, but dance and sing. In fact, I'm sure I did just that. I also thanked the universe for giving me back that piece of myself. For giving me a sign. A sign that my life wasn't over. That maybe it was just beginning. A different life from the one I had planned...but my life, nonetheless."

"Follow Your Bliss" giclee' print on canvas

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