8" x 10" (finished size) fine art giclee print on heavyweight, archival stock.  5.5 "x 5.5" printed image area with a nice crisp white border all around. Signed by the artist and ready for your fabulous framing selection!  (*Shipping and handling included)

This whimsical image comes from an oil painting I did in 2003, the summer after my husband Drew passed on. My creativity was beginning to resurface, and I felt alive again. It is based on a black and white photograph I have of my mother, playing "wash-time" with her doll's blankets and hanging them on a clothesline to dry when she was a little girl in the 1940s. Even though it was a black and white photo, I could feel the sunshine and happiness and lightheartedness of childhood in my heart. So that's what I painted. It was sacred to me then, and it continues to be. I hope your heart will connect with as well. xo

"What is Sacred" giclee' print

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