It's Friday. And it's all GOOD.

I actually did not plan on launching this blog on one of the most solemn of days of the Christian calendar, but sometimes, the Universe smiles upon me and I'm not paying attention to the date, and I get uber-lucky. Good Friday is a sad day, leading up to the most joyful of all Christian holidays ~ Easter. Good Friday is like like getting a terminal cancer diagnosis and being told you have three days to live. Easter Sunday is finding out your doctor made an error and was looking at someone else's chart, and telling you you're not only going to live...but you're going to live forever. Wowza! Talk about good luck. Easter weekend in its entirety, in my eyes, is about life, death, love, grief, surprise, renewal, hope, joy and celebration.

And, as serendipity would have it, that's what this blog and everything else I do (and plan to do) in my life is all about.

I'm generally a fabulous creator, imaginer, strategizer and "big vision" person, but when it comes to jumping in and pulling the trigger on work-related things (like blogs...or youtube videos...or books!)

I tend to swim around and around, attempting to make things more and more perfect. Which, as some of you fellow recovering perfectionists and procrastinators may know, is a torturous process. Because things are always changing and evolving and can almost always be improved, and so, there is no such thing as "perfect" or "finished" or, "Holy mother of God, this cannot possibly get any better!" At some point, you've simply got to ship it, as Seth Godin preaches. Perfection be damned!

And so, as I lay in my bed this morning, pondering whether forcing myself to "pull the trigger" on this blog on this Good Friday via a post on my Facebook page last evening was a wise move, I realized how perfect the unplanned timing of this truly is.

Good Friday is about suffering and sadness and death. It's about loss. And heartache. And pain. And grief. Easter Sunday, two short days later, is all about renewal and joy and life and celebration. (Stuff happens on Easter Saturday, but even though I was raised in an Episcopalian church ~ basically, all the fabulous pomp and circumstance of Catholicism, but sans the whole Pope thing ~ and attended and even, shockingly, TAUGHT, Sunday School for a number of years, the Saturday portion of the Easter weekend program continues to elude me and feels akin to a torturously boring wait at the dentist's office. Which, now that I'm typing that thought, may be the point of it.)

Saturday aside, it strikes me that given my very up-close-and-personal experiences with death, loss, grief and the entire life re-creation and "rebirth" thing...this Easter weekend is actually the perfect timing for this first blog post in this "new chapter" of my life. Because the overriding message of all I do is: "things may look really bad right now and you may feel you are residing at the bottom of the pit of despair...but there are lessons hiding here, and there is happiness hidden in this pile of poo that is currently laid out at your feet...and all of this pain and suffering is actually the very stuff that is going to allow you the courage and attitude required to liberate yourself and rise from the ashes and create a more authentic and empowered life." I want to help you find those hidden treasures and I am going to help you climb up that ladder and out of that pit of despair. Because I've done it twice now, and it's an ongoing process. I'm still doing it. And if I can do it, anyone can do it.

This blog, along with everything else I will be offering and sharing, is intended to provide love, support, and laughter. And to give you a way to "spread" that love support and laughter...and share it with others. So we can create a tidal wave of courage, liberation, support and joy. One of the things

I love to do is to write, and I love to write openly about the silly, the hilarious, the serious, the positively morose...and everything in-between. And I figure if I can do something I love, and make other people feel loved in the process, it's a win-win situation. So I'm committed.

To this blog. To myself. And to you.

I think Good Friday is the perfect day to jump in with both feet. What's better than thinking

life is over, joy is over...and then...SURPRISE! isn't. There's more life. There's more joy to be had.

It's okay to cry and to laugh and to laugh and to cry. Because it's life. And death is mysterious. And life is mysterious. So why not embrace all of it, and focus on the fact that we really know absolutely nothing about this magical Universe, this gift we call "life"...or what happens after we pass through that doorway.

Imagine taking life less seriously. Taking death less seriously. Taking ourselves less seriously.

Talk about the key to LIBERATION!

Enjoy your Easter weekend, whether you're a Christian, a non-Christian, a woman, a man, or

the Easter bunny...embrace the central message of the holiday, of the spring season, and of, well, me. And that message is one of life, hope and joy. It's about transitions and renewal and magic and mystery and trust and liberation. And pleasant surprises. It's about having faith in the process. And living with a light heart, inner strength, and a belief in ultimate goodness. And in my book, that's worth celebrating. And worthy of at least a few (really decadent, not that cheap chocolate!) chocolate eggs.

ps - I created this "Last Supper" collage well over a year ago...not specifically for this blog post.

It currently hangs, in its original 1960's faux-Colonial wooden frame, in the entryway to my apartment here in Newport, because it makes me smile and serves as a daily reminder of my belief that God/ The Universe does indeed have a sense of humor. :)

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