By the Light of the Silvery Moon.

I must say, you're looking quite rosy-cheeked this morning...have you already been out in this apple-crispy autumn air? Perhaps your dinner date last night ran a bit, ummm, longer than planned? These things happen to us all. No judgments here. ;)

Me? I've been going for long walks in the moonlight as well. Not intentionally, but due to my ongoing challenges with personal time management. I shall also blame it partially on the fact that it's now getting dark at such an early hour! Although, truth be told, I do love the coziness of a long and dark evening. As much as I enjoy and even relish the summer...all of those hours of daylight (in one short day!)can sometimes prove quite taxing. Do you know that feeling ~ when it's light until all hours of the night and you feel a bit guilty for NOT staying outside and doing something ~ because you know sometime in mid-February you'll be peeking out from under the dust-bunnies in your mole-hole, squinty-eyed, wishing for the light of day to extend past your dinnertime?

But far be it from me to complain. The seasons are indeed wondrous and they go round and round. And I love them all, like my own offspring.

Now back to the topic at hand...

I simply wanted to share how much I love getting out into the crisp (possibly cold to those who consider anything below fifty-five to be mitten weather)October air for extended periods of time. It makes me feel so... ALIVE. I'm not sure I could ever live in warmer year-round climates. I'd need to stand in front of an open refrigerator occasionally. Or hold an ice cube tray to my cheeks.

I'm fortunate to live near the ocean, and walking on the beach at dusk, watching the moon rise, has become a lovely habit over the past weeks. It's very romantic. And ~ as a gentle reminder ~ you don't need a lover,

a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband or a dog in order to take a lovely stroll. We can (and must!)romance ourselves on a regular basis. Remember that, dearest. Romance is good for the soul. And the complexion. ;)

This is a postcard from 1949 that my Oma (grandmother) wrote to her Tante Clara.

Amazingly, nearly 70 years later, the moon and the ocean still look...the same!

Another postcard circa 1949 from my personal collection.

Because collection sounds much better than "obsession."

The postcard above, from Bradley Beach, is penned by my mom to one of her favorite neighbors ~ Aunt Jean ~ one her mother's (my Oma's) closest


I don't know about you, but I want more "ladyfriends." It's such a lovely concept. Women who often lived close to one another, and who could pop over for coffee or tea or perhaps, when no one was watching...a martini. And no matter what transpired, somehow, it all sounded so quaint.

Also ~ I must note that it's amazing how much patience people had in 1949! Imagine waiting weeks to receive a message saying, "Hi! Having a grand time. Be seeing you soon!" Nowadays, people cannot wait any amount of time. At all. For anything. No wonder the sale of antacids is booming.

Back to the beach...

So, I don't know about you, but when I've been working indoors all day,

I sometimes begin to lapse into a semi-cranky, coma-like state. And then, once I get out that door and into the world...voila! I'm like a new woman. The brisk air makes me want to run and dance and sing...or just use my vocal cords at their maximum capacity. And I often do, much to the chagrin of my daughter, who has been a frequent walking companion as of late.

My Beach Boots. I think they're hunting boots but since the

only hunting I do is Treasure Hunting...they've been happily



More of my Beach Boots. These started out as hiking boots. Which

I bought solely for the purpose of impressing someone who wished

to date me and wanted to go on a hiking date. Him: "Do you hike?"

Me: "Of course." It was fourteen years ago. I have forgiven

myself. And I did end up with a great pair of beach boots!

And unlike 14 years ago, I do now actually go hiking. In the woods.

When I cannot get to...the beach!

Woods, beach...wherever. I hope you find some time today to get outdoors and to take a vast number of deep breaths and to allow the peacefulness of nature to ground you and wash that man right out of your hair. I mean, that stress. Or those cobwebs. Or that parking ticket. Right out of your perfectly coiffed hair.

And if you cannot get outdoors, at least open a window. Or sit near a window. And gaze out at the sky and the trees and the falling leaves.

Because nature is our best medicine. Right alongside laughter.

And if you can laugh whilst out in the crisp autumn it! It will

do you more good than ANY medicine.

When I'm in nature, and especially at the beach...walking along the ocean's edge all bundled up, I always feel as if everything truly is right with the Universe. And that all will be well. And that life is a miracle. I hope you can feel that too.

No matter what kind of **** is going on here on planet earth...or in our happiest of homes and most perfect of "social media documented" lives. ;)

Now off you go...have that second cup of herbal tea with organic honey and then out the door with you!

A gentle adieu ~

Sandi xo

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