Pumpkin Spice and Hope for Humanity.

Good morning, Darling...Happy Saturday! I'm not going to spend too much

of my precious Saturday morning ~ or YOURS ~ on my musings. But I do wish to share a bit of autumnal levity with you, if you can spare a few moments.

So it's the last Saturday in October. My favorite month. Not merely because it's the month of my birth ~ and Halloween ~ but because orange is my favorite color. And October is an orgy of orange. Orange pumpkins, in particular. And while on the topic of pumpkins, I cannot help but take a gentle left turn and go down the road a bit further...to the sub-topic of "pumpkin spice."

Unless you are residing under a bridge, or the current political landscape has you hiding in the back of your coat closet, it has most likely come to your attention that "pumpkin spice" is everywhere. And in everything. Coffee, tea, candles, air freshener, dish detergent, doughnuts, deodorant (good Lord ~ I fear someone is going to be spending time in hell for that one!), hand soap, bubble bath, potpourri, Pop-Tarts, coffee creamer, ice cream, candies, cookies, Cheerios, cinnamon rolls, applesauce, yogurt, bread mix, bagels (a travesty next in line only to the blueberry bagel), marshmallows, muffins, English muffins, granola, nuts, popcorn, pretzels, pudding, snack bars, soda, Twinkies

...and of course, the grandmother of all other pumpkin spice products: the Pumpkin Spice Latte'. Or PSL for those who order one so frequently that the five syllables the phrase entails are simply too much work and require an abbreviation.

If you are one of these people, you have my empathy. It must be quite trying ~ I can feel your exhaustion.

More proof that, left unchecked, something small and seemingly innocent can spread quickly. And lead to mass hysteria and

potential destruction of our freedoms. Have we learned nothing

from the history books?!

Clearly, there is a pumpkin spice epidemic raging in our country.

And I'm not sure even those with the most brilliant of scientific minds can come up with a vaccine in time to rescue us from the potentially dire consequences of our ridiculousness.

But there is one car dealership that is attempting to do its part in saving us ~ at least those of us residing in southern Maine. And they are doing it through the best weapon of all ~ a sense of humor.

This particular car dealership has a prominent advertising sign that has, from the moment the first crimson leaf fell gently from the first Maple tree, proudly proclaimed:

"Now using pumpkin spice washer fluid."

Yes. That's right. High up on a tall advertising sign. Right there in their car lot. Right on the highway, Albeit a county highway, not the interstate. But still, a major thoroughfare.

I was not only delighted the day I first set eyes upon that sign, but felt a surge of optimism. Because really, how many "normal" and serious businesses are ever just being...cheeky? And dare I say...sarcastic?

It was refreshing. It was a revelation. And a path many other businesses should follow, in my opinion, if they want to garner more customers.

That one little sign gave me hope for humanity. It gave me hope that all is not lost.

A little reminder to everyone driving by to loosen up. Lighten up. And smile. To not take ourselves so seriously. No matter the fact that our country is on the brink of who knows what and our underarms can smell like our Aunt Betty's pumpkin pie.

We must retain our collective and personal sense of humor.

And share it as flagrantly as possible if we wish to survive.

As always,I bid you a gentle adieu...and wish you a day filled with love, lightness and as much pumpkin-spice-laden product consumption as allowed by law in your state. Just please remember, if you encourage those making pumpkin spice bagels by partaking, it's your conscience that will bear the burden. And there may be consequences in the afterlife. ;)



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