Technical Difficulties.

Good morning, my dear. You may have noticed my absence the past few mornings. I've been feeling a bit...burnt out. My schedule has been completely upside down, and on top of that, I have been experiencing

a blight of our modern existence: "Technical Difficulties."

I don't know about you, but I believe that when technology begins to drive us to the brink of rage, exhaustion and lunacy, it is a message from The Great Architect of the Universe that we should, indeed, get back to the art of living rather than the art of "sitting at a desk with a computer, disguised as a phone, attached to our head...trying to fix the communication problems with another computer that is sitting on our desk... that is refusing to cooperate and play nicely with the other children in the group."

We all DO live in a ever-evolving world. And life IS change. And with all of the unexpected and often extraordinarily unpleasant and unwanted changes in my life, I do know that if we cannot navigate change, we're going to be stuck in a pit of despair. And we don't want that, do we?

That said, I often am not head-over-heels in love with the world or with the beings into which we appear to be evolving.

I fear for our inherent deep connection to nature...for our appreciation of solitude and our "private time"...for our sanity...and for our ability as human beings to not feel we need to be accessible to everyone on the planet all day, every day.

One day recently I was purchasing yet more food for my two increasingly finicky kitties (perhaps you remember my thoughts on cat food mentioned in one of of previous musings?). It was a PetSmart or PetCo or PetLife

or PetsRule or PetRidiculousness or some other name...and as I was checking out with my $900 worth of gourmet cat food, the cashier asked (very politely) whether I'd like to receive text messages from them.

They already had my money, my email address, and probably my phone number. And now they wanted to send me text messages.

I looked at her with a smile upon my lips and happily proclaimed, "Oh God, NO! I have people I actually like who I don't even really want texting me. The last thing I need is some pet store texting me!" As you may imagine, the cashier (although apparently a bit startled at first!)laughed ...along with all of the people behind me in line.

Because we have all been there. Everyone wants a piece of us.

Quite honestly, I am freely admitting that whilst our advances in

technology are allowing us to do some amazing things, it is also a huge burden for us to carry. It's simply too much sometimes. And our souls are suffering.

For instance, I was happy to be blogging again, and then ran into

a multitude of technological issues, culminating in my becoming so distraught that I really felt that "f*ck it" feeling.

Which caused me to actually "f*ck it" (IT being the blogging). And so, rather than crying onto my keyboard, I've spent two days making art, or playing with the ideas for the beginnings of pieces of art. ART. Hooray!

I have come to know that going against the flow rarely works. We must follow the green arrows that have been illuminated to show us our way to safety and sanity, much like when one is on a crashing airplane. We're goin' down...

Abort! Abort!

So here is a tiny peek at my desk...and my baby steps back into the land of visual creativity. It's feeling really glorious and both of my 8' long work tables (and half of my floor) are crowded with the beginnings of

at least a dozen of my new "creations." Because once I begin, it's pretty much an endless monsoon.

I'll be sharing on Instagram, and via this blog post (which may or may not decide to be shared via the miracle of technology today, but let's hope for the best!).

I wish you a weekend filled with more sensuality than technology. Make

a mess with some paint, or some ingredients in your catch with your Scrabble with your cat...get out into the fresh something scrumptious and decadent and amazing...put on some really loud music and dance. Cry if you are sad. Laugh if you are happy. Be HUMAN. We are not here to fight with computers, or to simply be "productive." Productivity, last I heard, is for...machines. :)

(I'm restraining myself from a rant here. Obviously.)

Even though it's gray and a bit rainy here in Maine, I'm going to get out for a walk. I'm also leaving my phone AT HOME. Not even just in the car, but at home. I'm thinking if I survived for more than half of my adult life without a tiny computer /phone attached to me, (and at one point in my twenties, an entire six weeks trekking around Europe!) I can survive for one Saturday. ;)

We must all take time to nourish our souls. And reclaim our human-ness. Life is not about speed or stress or constant battles with technology. Slow. Down. It'll all be over soon enough.

And on that deep and thoughtful note, I shall bid you a gentle adieu.

Sandi xo

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