Do you hear what I hear?

Good Morning...and aren't you a welcome sight on this gray Monday. I hope you had a lovely weekend, and got out into the fresh air. It was rather mild here in Vacationland this weekend, but given the recent content of my email in-box, I was half expecting a blizzard. In fact, I had a horse-drawn sleigh on alert, in case my car became snowbound!

I say this because I've noticed something the past few days that's left me wondering about the evolution of humankind. My email in-box is overflowing ~ filled to the brim on a daily basis. Not with letters of devotion and adoration from my suitors or fans of my musings (as one would expect, wink wink), but with dozens of notifications from various retail establishments sharing news of their scintillating sales and amazing bargains and early-bird specials (a thing akin to torture to "special" is special enough to entice me to roll out of bed before nine or ten on a weekend morning)! And not only emails from retail establishments, but from book publishers and spirituality-focused businesses, personal development gurus and, well, anyone hocking pretty much anything.

It feels, dearest reader, like a tidal wave ~ no, a tsunami ~ of materialistic BS. Good Lord ~ the candy corn is barely dental-flossed from between our molars when our delicate souls are assaulted with holiday mania, focused on consumerism.

I fear that by the time December 25th comes around, I will have lost interest in Christmas altogether. Or have moved to a remote corner of Finland, to live with the reindeer.

The nice thing is, this advertising onslaught has opened my eyes to the fact that I have reached a true state of holiday enlightenment. Ommmmmmmm. I'm not claiming Buddha status, but I can now honestly say that I sit back and allow this barrage of ridiculousness to wash over me. I feel like one-half of an elderly couple at a Baca Raton shopping mall...or a retired gentleman on a Central Park bench...just watching the weirdness of life stroll by. One of my greatest pleasures lately is to hit delete, delete, delete. In a slow, soothing rhythm. I feel so deliciously detached from the craziness of our technology-enabled Christmas, it's otherworldly.

Not that I don't love giving gifts...but I prefer to do it in a more soulful way. With more of the pure spirit of a child ~ hunting for special treasures or attempting creative acts of wondrousness that I hope will light up a loved ones' face and touch their heart

Gifts are wonderful. Generosity is wonderful. But no amount of money makes up for true connection and spending time with those we love. And doing things we love, together. Time is our true commodity. Not money.

It's a marvelous feeling to see all of those emails, ads, store displays and other assaults upon our senses that seem to happen FAR too early in the season these days...and to not give a ****. To know that we don't have to buy into any of it, and that we deserve to honor our soul's longing for connection and love and joy and find our own special ways to create that.

We don't have to become victims of a society gone mad with selling us yet more "stuff" to fill our closets, attics, basements and storage units. Or those of our beloveds.

One of the blessings that comes with going through loss and heartache early on in life is that you learn what's important...early on. And by early on, I mean anytime before you begin receiving AARP solicitations. Losing people we love deeply and experiencing great unhappiness and grief is a wonderful vaccine against our society's materialistic messages.

I hope we can all keep the true meaning of the holiday season in mind.

To find peace in our hearts and keep our credit cards in our wallets more often...and focus on what's really important. It's November 5th. Christmas is 50 days away. FIFTY. Let's try to spend those fifty days doing less shopping, and more loving.

As always, I send a gentle adieu and a warm hug.

Your friend in all things Merry and Bright ~ Sandi

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