Well good morning, is INDEED a good morning, is it not?

The election is over, and there is a feeling of hope in our hearts. And balance. At least a bit more balance than we had on Monday. Plus, the blight of decoratively-incorrect political signage polluting our streets will be removed, and our delicate eyeballs can at long last have a respite!

People got out and voted.I got out and voted with my daughter, which felt like a genuine treat and act of solidarity. It felt amazing actually. Witnessing the long lines of cars and people walking in the rain and mud to reach the voting venue. And it felt good to feel part of something so important. There was a buzz in the air. People seemed excited to be exercising their freedoms. I think it was the first time I felt so proud (and privileged) to cast a ballot.

I had this vintage image of these four lovely ladies and their...donkey.

Which I felt deserved a bit of embellishment...and a prominent place in

my post-election-day musings.

And in the afterglow of that delicious experience, what I'm thinking about this morning is women. And women voters. Women in political office. And women's rights. And how even the most impatient among us (I may possibly fall into the percentage!)is extraordinarily...patient. Just by nature of being a woman. I mean, we have the patience to deal with the ridiculousness of menstruation (on a monthly basis!)...and then the long and winding road toward not dealing with it every month (but dealing with even more challenging bodily and sometimes non-delightful bodily surprises!) We, at times, house actual humans inside of our bodies. Yes. Creatures live inside of us. For nine(NINE)long months. We have the patience to raise children (although our patience is oft-times tested beyond our capabilities) and to get through the long-haul challenges of that feat.

Take your time. We have changed ten thousand tampons and five thousand poopy diapers. We're not going anywhere. ;)

So no matter what happens in the world of politics ~ no matter who is elected or not elected ~ we can always count on one thing: We aren't going anywhere! We know our rights. We have been through a lot. More than a lot. Individually, and collectively. We know that good things are worth fighting for. And worth waiting for.

And we know that the tide will turn. Just as surely as our periods will return. Every month. For approximately forty years.

Because that's who we are, baby.

(And now excuse me while I break into song...que Helen Reddy (with Jane Fonda!)..."I am woman, hear me roar...")

I bid you a gentle adieu and wish you a kick-ass-post-election-day-Wednesday.

Much love and a sisterly hug ~ Sandi


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