Natural Habitat.

Happy Friday, Darling! It's a glorious, sunshiny (although by the time

I finish penning this, it could be cloudy/rainy/snowy...because it IS New England)) day here in southern Maine, and I can't wait to get outside and feel that crispy autumnal goodness on my cheeks.

But before I go running out the door, I have a few thoughts to share.

And I thank you in advance for reading them and inviting me into your head and heart. And your life.

After much moving and grieving and regaining my balance...I'm back in full-on creative mode: designing joyful spaces, writing, making art, cooking cozy meals...and I feel energized. It feels delicious.

It feels like I've come HOME. It's not a place. It's a feeling. In my soul.

I think alot about home. Especially since selling my family home nearly two years ago after losing my son, Cole. What home means, what it is...what it isn't. I love talking with people about the concept of "home." There's so much wisdom in that topic. So many deep feelings and also so much freedom to be gained.

What I wanted to share today was this image of a stone that sits upon my desk. A piece of our planet that I picked up on one of our local beaches, embellished (by moi!) with Sharpie-marker and colored pencil. It brings me absolute happiness each time I look at it. And I look at it constantly ~

or overlook it constantly ~ because it's right in front of my nose, on my desk.

My children nicknamed me Mewmie (Mew for short) many years ago, after we first moved to Maine...and it's a nickname that I adore. Unlike some nicknames given people, like "Schmoopsie Poo," which stick but don't exactly suit them or make them feel joyful, this one feels perfect.

The sentiment on the stone sprung forth from one of our annual Father's Day (without the physical father component, sadly) outings ~ a tradition that consisted of a leisurely drive to the mid-coast and usually included the consumption of lobster rolls, followed by a bit of treasure hunting and Dairy Queen soft-serve cherry or chocolate-dipped cones. Drew was definitely always with us in spirit on those special outings. Especially when we got to the DQ segment!

On that particular Sunday, we happened to discover a huge field full of lupines...most likely part of someones semi-abandoned property. And I, being the flower-addict and lover of spontaneity that I am, found a place to hide the car and jumped into action with our slightly rusted, wooden-handled French picnic knife, always at-the-ready in the glovebox, in hand.

I was completely in my element. And as I roamed happily through the lupine field, my children took some video footage of me including narration, courtesy of my daughter, that began ... "Mewmie in her natural habitat."

It was something reminiscent of a 1970s installment of "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom"...or a Jacques Cousteau television special.

When they showed me the video after I was back in the car, my heart nearly burst. I was laughing ~ because it was hilarious. But even more than that, I felt overwhelmingly loved. And deeply understood. What an amazing feeling.

Because it was perfect. They were right. They had nailed it. It WAS my natural habitat. My natural home. Out frolicking /trespassing in a field of tall grasses and flowers. Probably in my flip flops. And, looking back ~ fortunate to have not contracted Lyme disease!

We all have many natural habitats. Because it's really based on a feeling rather than a place on a map.

Your natural habitat is any situation, activity or surrounding that makes your soul feel at home. That makes your spirit feel free. You feel energized and content and pure and peaceful. It's when and where you feel the most truly and lusciously and absolutely 100% YOU.

I feel lucky to have always been tuned into my "natural habitats." Although as I've lived life, I've found more and more of them ~ and appreciated them more fully ~ the basics remain.

We all have this ability, to dial into or discover our natural home.

I believe if more of us knew what makes us feel this sense of joy and contentment and of being "grounded" into our selves and the Universe,

more of us would be living more fulfilled lives. Whether it's stalking the wild and elusive lupine or baking scones or hunting for freaky mushrooms or strumming the strings of a guitar...where's your soul's natural home? Where does your spirit come alive?

Whatever the answers...follow that. Go home! :)

As always, I bid you a gentle and creatively soul-satisfying adieu ~ Sandi


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