The Patron Saint of Creative Inspiration.

Good Morning, Darling! Well, another Monday morning is upon us. Actually, it's now nearly the afternoon! Oh dear. Well, that's how I roll.

I was up until all hours last evening, because of a little thing called "inspiration."

Inspiration is a sneaky and marvelous thing. You never know when it's going to show up. It's akin to minding your own business and reaching

down to pick out the perfect basket of pesticide-free raspberries at the farmer's market when a man's finger brushes up against yours and ~ Bam! ~ you look into one another's eyes and love has unexpectedly arrived.

Inspiration can be equally unexpected, and just as lovely a surprise.

(The raspberry scenario has yet to happen to me, but I continue to have great faith!)

It doesn't need to be a complete wild card though. Sometimes we can set the table for inspiration ~ inviting it to come join us. We can insert ourself into the right surroundings ~ or we create the perfect condition in our heart and soul for the Patron Saint of Creative Inspiration to visit. Let's call her Eunice. Yes. Eunice. The Patron Saint of Creative Inspiration. (I'm sure there is a real-life patron saint of creativity, but it's much more fun ~ and naughty ~ to make up our own.)

One of my favorite comedic performances. EVER. It's Business Time by Flight of the Conchords. 40 and 48 seconds. "Conditions are perfect." Laugh. Rinse. Repeat. You are welcome. :)

This weekend, I was inspired to cook. I've been cooking a lot lately, and it's been wonderfully heartwarming and satisfying for my soul. And my stomach and the stomachs of my children. I purchased all sorts of delicious ingredients and cooked an inspired Sunday family dinner. It was, in all honesty, nothing short of divine.

I was also inspired to paint a new book case I'd purchased for my work area in my new lair. I mean, home. I picked out delicious colors ...a grey-ish robin's egg-y blue for the exterior and a deep golden sunflower-y shade for the interior. And I smiled the moment I dipped the brush into the first can of paint. I adore color. It lights up my soul.

So there was the food. The cooking. The color. The painting.

All of that creativity and satisfaction led right into a huge hit of creative inspiration that, apparently, followed me directly into my cozy bed last evening. I opened my laptop to write a paragraph or two in my journal...and instead ended up penning the outline and first dozen pages of what will be my new book!

We must follow our creative muse when it sits down at the table beside us. Or climbs into bed with us, as was my case last night. Do not turn her away. Or him.

I hope you find some creative inspiration this week. Whatever form that creativity takes. Because we are all here to create. We are creators.

We are part of the Great Creator who set up this entire whacky universe. So let your creative juices flow. And don't worry, I'm certain there is

a Patron Saint of Paper Towels should things get messy.

Now go out there (or stay inside!) and have a happy Monday.

I bid you a gentle adieu and shower you with hugs of creativity ~ Sandi


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