OWN IT, Baby.

Good Evening, Darling!

In this season of love, peace, happiness, joy, merriment, egg nog and champagne bubbles...I have ONE BIG WISH for you. And that is this: If you are feeling sad, if you are missing loved ones who are no longer here, if you are overwhelmed by messages of merriment...OWN YOUR GRIEF. OWN YOUR TEARS. OWN YOUR SADNESS. Don't stuff it in a box under the tree. Don't drown it in a bottle of holiday-flavored-vodka.

The most perfect of perfect holiday evenings...it's hard not to weep sometimes, amongst all of this f*cking perfection!

Don't pretend. Don't act merry-f*cking-merry when you're feeling empty inside. For once, OWN IT. This time of the year can be a minefield when our hearts are aching for people who have "moved on"...it's not that we can't find joy and happiness again. Or that we can't focus on the positive and feel grateful for all that we still have. But when that pain hits us, we need to OWN IT. Not hide it. Not pretend. Not pretend we're "fine" for the sake of the world's comfort. For the sake of the comfort of the person standing next to us at the grocery store when a Christmas song comes blasting over the stereo system and the memories make our tears flow. If we cry, if we cry in public (what an idea!!!), if we feel the depth of our feelings and our pain, we can move through it. It's part of life. Pain. Tears. Let it flow...so it can "go." If you know anyone having a tough time during this season, please send them my way. To my FB page. To this blog. I feel so fortunate to have people I can cry with...and who cry with me. I want to offer that up to others, as well.

We need to cry together so we can laugh together. And be joyful once again.

Not everyone has that. Or has given themselves that permission. It's the best feeling to be able to be FREE and to not hide. To not pretend. Our world is so uncomfortable with grief and tears...so just ignore the world. And JUST OWN IT. We cannot measure our grief in years or in tears or in boxes of Kleenex consumed. We don't need to justify it to anyone. NO ONE. We just need to cry. Maybe for two minutes...maybe for ten...maybe for hours...or maybe spend a day in bed and just feel miserable. It's all OKAY. :) Because then, our hearts can feel healed and we can feel as if we're giving ourselves what we need. Allowing ourselves to feel sad and to cry (without explaining it to anyone) is one of the biggest GIFTS we can give ourselves. It's the best way to LOVE OURSELVES. To respect ourselves. And ultimately, to create a life filled with new happiness.

Reindeer??! Get the Kleenex!!!

I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons.

Our lives can change in an instant. But still...we are alive.

And when everything else feels like ****....that is something to celebrate! We are here. And we are human. And our tears, and our laughter, are equally relevant.

I have so many more thoughts in my head...but this is the one that is driving me forward at the moment. The one I wanted to share the most.

I bid you a gentle adieu, and a magical evening...filled with whatever emotions your heart needs to feel. Just let it flow...so it can "go."

With much love ~



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