International Women's Day? Who Knew!

Proof that our scars and broken parts just make us stronger ....and more beautiful. xo

Happy Friday, Women of the World!

Apparently, it is International Women's Day. I know this only because when I opened my Gmail this morning, every other email had included in its header, "International Women's Day." Which was a big surprise to me, but also absolutely no surprise since there are celebratory days for everything these days. Apparently, we are supposed to be wearing purple today. I look terrible in purple and shall be happily wearing some other color that better suits my skin tone. Also, I think the ribbon color for pancreatic cancer is purple, and I never went down that road either, despite my personal ties with the dreaded disease. That said...I fully celebrate women. Because, well, I am one. And in my book, every day is WOMEN'S DAY. And every day is WELLNESS DAY and BALANCE DAY and EQUALITY DAY.

So let's just wrap it up and get on with getting on with our lives and making the world a better place in our own ways every day. Be they monumental or teensy. Every positive, courageous and joyful action has meaning and contributes to the well-being of women. And men. And our planet.

Now on to an unrelated (yet related) topic: I am BACK! Blogging. Amongst other things. And I hope that if you are still (hopefully) alive and well and using the same email address, you will be smiling when you find this post in your in-box. With yet another header, I'm realizing, referencing International Women's Day. :)

My last post was over three months ago. It was a very personal one and it brought me many responses from many women who felt a strong connection to the issue I'd discussed. I must admit,

the heavy emotions and sad situations really brought down my own energy levels. I love helping women and uplifting them...but I had said I was only going to write about that particular topic once, and didn't want to bring it forward into my future. It hurt my heart to hear of so many similar situations from other women, but it also made me realize my forte' is absolutely not "traditional" counseling or therapy. (But, ummm, I already knew that!). It caused me to step back and do some self-care...and evaluate exactly what is I want to be offering up to all of the wonderful women of this world who care to join me on this journey that we call LIFE.

And it ended up bringing great clarity. And I'm excited to be sharing it all with the world shortly. Meanwhile, you may be wondering....

"What has Sandi been up to since posting that last blog post?"

Allow me to fill you in on some of the highlights. In the three months and one week since my last blog

post I...

#1 Binge-watched all 7 seasons of Californication and remembered how much I love David Duchovny. And how hot and sexy and witty he is. Which, of course, prompted me to buy some new underwear.

#2 Wore the Fuck Yeah socks a girlfriend (who knows me almost too well) bought for me. In honor

of the "Yeah, Fuck Yeah" mantra I have inherited from my irrepressible and inspiring son Cole.

#3 Revisited my old Alice Waters' cookbooks and roasted at least 5 or 6 chickens.

#4 Went looking for more trouble with my building management by putting my now infamous

Holiday Goose out in the hallway bearing Valentine's Day greetings. ;)

#5 Got into more trouble with my building management because of the Holiday Goose Valentine's Day incident. ;)

#6 Took photos of some of the fabulous new vintage treasures I'll soon be adding to my

Meat and Romance shop on Etsy.

#7 Stayed abreast of the scintillating news stories here in Maine.

#8 Did a painting of our magical feline, Beanie (aka The Queen Bean), who will be 17 this spring. xo

#9 Fielded internet dating site emails from some very interesting men. (I'm sure this gentleman is lovely and good-hearted and his photos did make me smile...although they brought a definitive lack of butterflies to my womanly parts.) ;)

#10 Momentarily considered applying for this job. Only because I could have pretended I was

Amy Poehler's assistant on Parks and of my favorite smart and witty

Netflix shows. Although I would have undoubtedly been fired for my inability to work well

with "Athletic Directors, coaches and local sports groups."

#11 Started a new large piece of art (2' x 6.5') entitled "South Sea Island Magic"...inspired by a vintage album cover (below are two tidbits). Will keep you updated. Planning on selling it

after I finish it up next week...because it's time to share the love. ;)

And that brings us to today. Today I am eating an egg salad sandwich on lightly toasted marble rye (my second "not-gluten free" crime and misdemeanor this week) with two pickle spears on the side. I'm also drinking a fully-caffeinated iced coffee. It's International Women's Day, for God's sake. We

need to celebrate!

Sending you much love, joy and laughter...I'm SO happy to be a woman. And to have so many wonderful, courageous, amazing and colorful women in my life.

The best is yet to come.

Sandi xo

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