Of love lists and cat food.

People, including myself (and especially the myself in a previous incarnation, i.e.before people I adored began to die on me and I realized we have no time to sit around and complain) love to complain about things. But wouldn't it be lovely if we all walked around each day, talking about the things with which we are currently having an affair of the heart? Wouldn't that be refreshing and delightful? I mean, we could all do it. And the world would be so much lighter.

I'm going to begin making more of an effort to do this. To make a daily love list. Once in a while

I'll post it. Or maybe more than once in a while. Maybe it'll become a weekly thing. Who knows

what excitement could ensue! ;) Of course, I invite you to join me on this adventure. And if you have something you'd like to share with me personally, please feel free to write to me here.

Let's get started.

Today for instance I am in love with:


This ridiculously kitschy and amazing vintage candle I found yesterday. Which, after I fully absorb its wondrousness, shall be lovingly placed up for adoption in my Etsy shop. Unless I decide to give it away as a Mother's Day present. Heads up, Louise!

Is it just me, or does the cat on the righthand side look eerily like the woman who's

allowing that gentleman to plant daisies in her perfectly coiffed hair?


My ridiculous real-life cat Cecil, whom I have finally figured out (after 16.5 years of cohabitation and a recent article in a veterinary publication) is a "social eater". Which explains why whenever I am near her food dish, she miraculously appears and begins nibbling. Awwwwww. And here I always thought she was just annoyingly needy. Apparently, she simply loves dinner soirees! I feel so much closer to her now that I see we are soul-sisters. ;)

Cecil actually looks not unlike the white (except Cecil is grey) fluffy cat in the right

corner foreground. The one staring up at the obviously humiliated cat who for some reason is hanging in a flower pot. Or a cauldron. Hopefully not about to be served

for dinner, or a strange satanic ritual cat sacrifice. Oh dear.


My prescription reading glasses, which went MIA this morning (my other 16-year-old cat, Beanie, was sleeping on them). During that brief seven minute period, I realized how much I adore and appreciate

the power (to see better!!!) that they give me whenever I need them. And they ask nothing in return.

Sniff. ;)

The Queen Bean, praying for redemption after her naughty deed this morning. Or possibly

just cleaning her nose. Whichever it is...you are forgiven, oh glorious one.


My creative, artistic talents...which come to me so naturally and bring me so much everyday happiness and satisfaction that I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have them. They

allow me to take the world and create something new out of it all. For instance, yesterday I was

working (not really working, playing would be more correct!) on a piece of art I've officially

entitled "Our Lady of Perpetual Salad." Here's a sneak peek...

Behind the Scenes at Sandi's Studio.

Work in Progress: "Our Lady of Perpetual Salad"

There's much more...but so far, for today, these are at the top of my list. I'm noticing that three of my Top Four are accompanied by images including cats in one form or another. And the other is of a woman with a tomato on her head. Which probably could concern me, but alas, it does not.

And on that note, I wish you all a lovely remainder of your Friday and may your weekend be filled with things with which you are madly in love.

Or at the least, of which you are relatively fond. ;)



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