Kale: Vegetable of Romance.

This morning as I was making my usual "wholesome and healthy" green smoothie (making up in advance for whatever other not-so-wholesome -and-potentially-unhealthy things I might ingest before day's end) before heading off to deposit my car at the mechanic's to get four new tires and some rear shocks, I found a wedding ring in my bunch of organic kale. I kid you not.


To the organic and no doubt incredibly handsome farmer who clearly wants my hand in marriage but was too intimidated to ask me in person: I am seriously considering it and will let you know details of the festivities. Right now I'm thinking a beach wedding with a linen sundress, bare feet, toenail polish...and you in a white, cotton RL button-down. Sexily and irreverently rumpled... with the sleeves rolled up a bit to show off your nicely tanned forearms.

To the woman who may have, to her dismay (or to her delight!) lost her wedding ring: If you are reading this, please contact me and I'll get it back to you, darling. No finders fee involved. But

if you'd like to give me some additional kale, that would be lovely.

To everyone else: I sincerely hope you are all joining me in having a magical and love-filled day! Life is filled with surprises. As always. And life is much sweeter when we relish them. Keep smiling. ;)


ps - On a (long) side note, and just to confuse you further, dear readers, I have gone back to using MY OWN NAME for this website. Actually, some Asian company stole my URL when I was in the midst of grief two or more years ago and not keeping up with email notifications from the hosting company...but I have accepted that loss (and I'm not paying thousands of dollars to get back my own name!) and have done myself one better...by creating sandiamorellostudios.com. (So there, you back-stabbing, greedy, sneaky Asian company!) I hope you shall keep following my posts as I create a fabulous new world of writing, art and decor. Under the brave new auspices of MY NAME. Which delights me...and which I hope you will always embrace. No matter now many vowels it contains. ;)

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