Post-it Therapy.

When the confusion and chaos of life overwhelms me, there are few things more therapeutic than a freshly opened pack of Post-it notes. Diverse. Delicious. Perfect little squares of saturated color. And they stick to most anything!

When everything is fluid and in motion, when your brain feels like a Spirograph...when your thoughts are swirling and overlapping and getting you nowhere...squares can be a breath of fresh air. And Post-it notes are like the Upper East Side therapist of squares. But much cheaper.

Your fifty minutes are up, darling! That will be $400. In cash. If possible.

You can write on them ethereally in fountain pen. Doodle on them in crayon. Shout profanities on them in thick, black Sharpie marker. And then you can adhere them to your walls. Mirrors. Kitchen cabinets. Vitamix. Even your dachshund.

You can move them around. Rearrange them. Make quadrants of squares and arrange those into ever larger squares.

You can string words together to form new thoughts. String words and doodles together to form new life plans. And then you can crumple them up (when you're tired of them or when company is coming over) in the palm of your hand and... recycle them!

When's the last time you could do that with a self-help book? Or a mental health care professional?

Wow. I 'd completely forgotten how irritating the Spirograph theme song was!

Earlier this summer, I apparently fell into the Bermuda Triangle of apartment hunting/renting/moving and have been in something resembling a sit-com since my last post. (And, may I add, something almost NO ONE would believe without an extraordinary ability to suspend ones' disbelief.)

As always, my daily mantra is, "Thank God (or Whomever is Running This Show!) for my sense of humor."

I'm flat-out in the middle of absolute unknowingness. And as sexy as that can be and as appealing as that may sound, it's kind of not always so sexy or appealing. Having too many options can be debilitating. I am a lover of freedom and non-conformity. And I am totally not a fan of human lemmings. But hovering on the opposite end of the spectrum has its own issues.

That said, I took a break from house/apartment hunting a few days ago and stopped at Staples to pick up some aqua paper to transform into a new "organizer" booklet (another attempt to stop what shall henceforth be known as The Spirograph Effect) and found my true happiness and mental health in a display of Post-it notes.

$5 (sale price, my friends!).

And I don't know about you, but I find them infinitely more effective and liberating than Freud.

My tidbit of wisdom:

If you are in need of some structure and clarity and sanity (and fun!) right about now...get thyself to the closest "Back to School" supply store. Pronto.

Therapy comes in many forms. ;)



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