Conditions are perfect.

Happy Sunday evening, Darling! Or Monday morning. Depending on your body clock and/or work schedule and/or level of insomnia.

I simply couldn't wait for Halloween (or for a better haircut!) to post my first video on my new "Meat and Romance" YouTube channel. I'm clearly not that patient. Or my excitement at getting back into video-making-land was THAT uncontrollable. Or a touch of both.

And so, without further ado...(and now that technology is cooperating once again after having made my blog inaccessible for the past hour) you go:

Why, YES! I did choose this still-shot from the video precisely because of its high level of goofiness. It would not be something I'd use to lure in a new boyfriend. But it does make me laugh!

And now, I'm off to bed. Feeling very excited and filled with ideas for the future and all of the

tender, meaningful, helpful, life-enhancing, laughter-inducing, fun, enlightening and just plain batsh*t crazy things I want to share with you! I'm really feeling that one lifetime isn't going to be enough. :)

Much love and many hugs ~ Sandi

ps ~ Subscribe, Enjoy, and most important of all... Share the LOVE, SUPPORT and LAUGHTER. Thank you. xo

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