Halloween Madness.

Our 17-year-old cat Cecil. Dressed in the Priest costume (intended for use by a dog). If you watched my "pre-Halloween-intro-video" video, you will recognize this get-up, because I swore that having owned this for approximately 9 years, I'd finally get one of our cats into it this year. Beanie is far too regal and I could not shame her in this manner. Cecil, however, is a different story entirely. ;)

Happy Halloween to all of the wondrous souls brave enough to be part of my new creative adventure!

This is, and has always been, pretty much my favorite of all holidays. Dressing up. Pretending to be some other person or better yet, some other creature. Free candy. Free candy. And did I mention, free candy?

I mean, really. And after I grew up and met my husband, Drew, we found that one of our common loves was...Halloween. We first said "I love you" to one another on Halloween, if you must know how deep my attachment to this day goes.

So it was my personal favorite, then my favorite as a couple, then as a married couple...and you can only imagine the explosion of creative Halloween crazy that would ensue with three children parented by a filmmaker/ visual artist and designer/visual artist with a predilection to all things Martha Stewart-esque. But so much cooler.

Words fail me. But, seriously, I absolutely felt compelled to make this. Unfortunately, this warranted approximately 18 more guests coming over for dinner tonight than were on my list. I'm making dastardly plans for next year, however.

I miss all of the 1000% Halloween over-the-top excitement and commitment to the holiday. But I still do my best. Even the years when it's just been me, two elderly cats, and a bag of Snickers.

Even those years that I was eyeball-deep in grief, I still dragged out the decorations and made mulled cider (most likely spiked with something stronger) and put on spider earrings and a witch's hat or pink wig. Or both.

Another crafting book focused on the making of holiday treasures. And who doesn't love pipe cleaners??!!!

Because how could I NOT want to feel that Halloween family love.

I've chosen to share my first OFFICIAL "Meat and Romance" video on my new YouTube channel on this day...because, I cannot truthfully think of anything that gets me more genuinely excited to be alive and also honors my late husband (the passionate film guy) and son (the passionate actor guy) and our collective joy-filled Halloween family history more than THIS.

So here I go, jumping off the diving board into a series of new weekly videos and a whole lot of wondrous stuff that is sure to spring forth from my serious intent to uplift, inform, entertain...and well...

help give some of you a reason to wake up and smile. And give me a reason to wake up and smile. Hopefully, both.

I'm not feeling especially intrigued by this...but I do love the concept! And I think the "A treat for the whole family" line is being a bit...ummm... presumptuous.

If you enjoy what I'm sharing with the world, please subscribe to my "Meat and Romance" blog, my YouTube channel by the same name...share with all in your world who could use some love, support and laughter...and don't be shy about contacting me with questions and things you'd like to hear me expound upon via video, writing, in-person events, etc. No matter how ridiculous or weighty.

I'm so excited I can hardly keep my black plastic spider ring from jumping off my wedding ring finger. ;)

Now, without further delay...let's get started with my Halloween video, shall we?

My Official first "Meat and Romance" video. A Q&A with Doris from Ottertail, Minnesota. Bravo to Doris for kicking off this series with such a profound and timely query. Let the games begin!

Halloween Hugs ~



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