Weird and Inappropriate and Confusing. Oh, my!

An example of a randomly weird, inappropriate and confusing image from my personal collection of randomly weird, inappropriate and confusing images. Enjoy!

I am proposing these are three words we all strive for in the New Year. Well, at least those of us who are looking to get in touch with our inner voice and our authentic yearnings.

I'm thinking of moving. Again. I've only been in this house for four months. And I'd most definitely

lose money by getting out of my lease eight months early. But I probably rented this place for the wrong-but oh-so-right reasons and now my weird authentic inner voice is telling me I want to have a new adventure. And people will think I'm kooky, in general, and lack stability...and to that I say this: Who cares, really? I mean, of course, no one wants to lose money. If possible. But life it short. And living by the rules of a society that imposes some ridiculous fantasy upon us of false security and a false sense of safety and belonging and most of all, the dangling golden carrot that shouts, "If you behave well and color inside the lines, everyone will approve of you and you'll get an A on that next exam and just think how good THAT will make you look to everyone and how many more likes you'll get on your generally time-wasting and "making-your-life-appear-more-fascinating-and-happy-than-it-really-is" social media posts!"

For now, I will refrain from jumping onto my social media soap-box. I stay off of it (social media) as much as possible. Although I am quite naturally social. And also love all manner of media. I prefer my socializing to take more personally meaningful forms. But back to our topic...

In the coming year, I plan to be more weird, more inappropriate, and more confusing to my fellow mortals than ever before. And it's not because I have to really try, it's just that that's how I naturally am. When I'm not doing those socially-drummed-into-us things that suck us into conformity and lead us in longing to be accepted by the masses. I smile just imagining the levels to which I could rise, (or most happily sink), truth be told.

And I offer up a suggestion that you do the same. Or at the very least, think about it. Whole-heartedly. Because the status quo is boring, and there are no gold medals given out for conformity and well-behaved-ness when you and everyone else you know who are conforming and well-behaved in this brief lifetime die. And you (and all of them) are going to die. Soon.

We are a mere blip on the timeline of Divine eternity. And yes, this may be a bit distressing and perhaps even depressing to some...but in reality, it is an invitation to true freedom. Hooray!

Follow your inner voice. Be your weird self. Or start searching for your weird self. Hopefully, it's in there somewhere. Although it may be buried quite deep beneath a pile of college degrees and certificates of honor and Girl Scout badges for things like bowling and knitting. Be screamingly inappropriate. Say what you actually mean. Stop censoring your soul. It will confuse the h*ll out of people who are coloring inside the lines...and maybe also inspire them to stop wasting their lives trying so hard to be mind-numbingly normal, appropriate, and oh-so-easy to figure out.

I have other things to say about 2020 before it arrives on our front doorstep...and I still have over 24 hours in which to say them. And I didn't want to spill all the beans at once. For now, sweet dreams on the second to last evening of the final year of this weird and inappropriate and confusing decade. :)

Sleep tight, darlings...

Sandi xo

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