I have a fabulous New Year's idea for you. Not a resolution. More like a gift you can give yourself. A cool and wonderful and potentially life-changing gift.

I realize it's already January first, and we've all officially begun 2020, but I was having such a lovely and technology-free New Year's Eve evening (not sure that is even slightly correct and I do not care) that I chose not to ruin it by getting on my laptop.

I wish I could lay claim to this brilliant idea, but I cannot. I heard it while listening to something on YouTube a while back and when I remember who said it, I shall give them full credit.

The idea is to give up a word. One word. And everything that goes along with that one word. Which means, you are potentially giving up many, many, many words, ideas and connections to that one little word. That's the truly powerful part.

No more speaking that word. Writing that word. Identifying with that word and whatever hold it has over you or whatever it means in your life.

I have secretly always loved this song and am so excited to feature it here for your dancing pleasure.

I decided, when I heard this suggestion a month or two ago, that I would give up the G word.

Not the G spot. The G word. And by G word, I mean the word with five letters. Three consonants

and two vowels. The word that is tied irrevocably to heartache and loss and pain and sadness and tears and devastation and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Along with other unpleasantries.

Yes. The big old icky G word that ends with a big old icky F and rhymes with words like Leaf, Belief, Reef, Brief...and Beef.

The idea of giving up a word intrigued me. And I jumped up and down at the idea that I could choose to give up a word that has caused me so much pain. That has been so difficult to let go of. To stop mentioning. Not to say I won't still sometimes feel those same feelings, of course, but in my heart I've been wanting a way to get myself off the proverbial hook and to never mention is aloud or in writing


The only time I'm going to allow myself to mention it is when I come up with the witty symbol which will then be part of a little ditty that, following in the footsteps of the immortal and ever-cool Prince, will forevermore read as follows:

(Insert Witty Symbol Here)

The Word Formerly known as Grief.

Or something close to that.

The mere thought of intentionally erasing that word from my vocabulary, both personally and professionally, lifted my spirits like nothing else. Well, almost nothing else.

And so, I ask you in all seriousness and with a heart full of love and goodwill...what word are you SO ready to give-the-hell up? What THING or IDEA or part of the LIFE STORY you tell yourself and are attached to are you ready to let go of? To replace with something more authentic and fulfilling? To release? Along with all of the "stuff" and other words and ideas and things that are attached to it.

Donuts? Jealousy? Prada? Pasta? Disease? Divorce'? Mercedes? Thighs? Employee? Entrepreneur? Money? Woman? Husband? Homeowner? Engineer? Netflix? Religion? Spirituality? College? Fear? Beer? Struggle? Poverty? Lobsterman? (I've lived in Maine too long, clearly.)

It's extraordinarily empowering to decide to let go of something. We don't have to wait for permission or a reason or to endure five years of therapy to dissect, untangle and analyze WHY. We know in our hearts when it's time to let go and free ourselves.

Words are powerful. And giving one up and seeing where its absence leads you (emotionally, psychologically intellectually, physically, geographically, and spiritually) may be the most powerful thing you can do for yourself this coming year.

Happy 2020, from me....and the (insert clever symbol here that I will be deciding upon shortly!) word formerly known as grief

Prince is smiling down upon all of us. I can feel it.

Sending love and laughter and organic produce your way ~ Sandi

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