Attn: We're All Going to Die!

Hmmmm. Maybe. Maybe not. However you go, make sure you've lived fully, and go out with a bang!

Okay, not today or tomorrow or next week (probably, but don't sue me if you you do...I've never claimed to be a psychic!), but at some juncture we're all kicking the bucket, exiting stage left, being called home, giving up the ghost, meeting our demise, passing on, passing away, losing the battle, croaking, corking off, or whatever one's euphemism of choice may be.

As a society, we are abysmally lacking in our acknowledgement of this fact. This part of life.

Because yes...death is part of our life cycle.

And so, this virus thing (which is also part of life and nature), is suddenly taking over our world,

making us all confront death. As in, it happens. On a small scale, on a large scale, we're all

wired for it. And as someone who can list "dealing with death" as one of my Top Ten life skills,


Because I'm so tired of people being afraid to speak about it. Or being so inept at speaking about it.

For the past couple of weeks, as things have grown increasingly crazy, I'm seen numerous exclamations from various online sources saying, "We're all going to die!" Like, seriously.

Well, hello. YES!

In the United States, death is nicely swept aside. And it's quite antiseptically handled. Sanitized and

kept away from our eyes. I don't live in India, but I've heard and read that in places like India, people seem to accept death as part of life. On the daily. They see dead bodies. They seem infinitely more accepting of and attuned to the cycles of life. And that death is part of our life.

Those who experience death close-up and personal, those who experience the end of this body, this "life"...well, we often come to know from experience, not from platitudes or dogma or what someone else tells us (well, kind of like I'm doing here, I sorry if this doesn't change your

actual life and death philosophy and make you more okay with the whole concept) that physical death isn't the end of us. Just the end of of our ego. And our ego is scared to death of that.

But our spirit is not scared. Our spirit is eternal. LIFE is eternal.

So I'm writing this not to add to anyone's "viral" anxiety, worries, panic, or possible full-blown depression, but to remind you that it isn't until we embrace the reality of the end of this physical

life that we can embrace and LIVE OUR LIFE!!!

Most of us live our "normal" lives with the fear of death hidden in our hearts...maybe not consciously thinking about it every waking moment, but with it most definitely implanted in our subconscious...covertly guiding our life decisions, our risk-taking capabilities, and our capacity for change.

Change is death, too. At least in our minds. Death of one life. One job. One marriage. One house. One way of thinking. Whatever. Some people can't even deal with changing their brand of toilet paper. I cannot imagine their pain and suffering as they are now possibly forced to contend with single-ply generic instead of their usual triple-ply-soft-and-fluffy-with-poo-poo-cleaning-ripples Charmin during this toilet paper disaster we all now face.

Yes, sarcasm was intended, darling. ;)

I know what's going on is serious and affecting all of us...but I also think it's a wake up call in so many ways. One of them being: We're all going to die. SO STOP BEING AFRAID TO LIVE!

When this is all over, if you're still standing (and there is a very good chance you will be!)...don't go back to thinking death is just something hidden away in some hospice or hospital or depressing and dismal funeral home.

Death is the reason to live, baby.

Stay safe, stay healthy, love your friends and neighbors and family from an appropriate

distance. And remember, know. Like I said in the title.

Sending you love and a smile and laughter...and my most non-viral, life-enhancing thoughts.

Happy Saturday! Live it up as best you can.



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