The Humor Apocalypse: Edition #1

Good evening, Darling!

How goes it in your sad and tiny little isolated world?

You are undoubtedly spending more time alone or with a limited number of loved ones, but remember, you are absolutely NOT alone! I mean, how great is it that we're going through this mad social experiment at a time in history when we're able to communicate in the blink of an eye. Or even

less time than that. Which, I guess is nanoseconds or something.

Twenty-five years ago, we'd have really been losing our minds. Remember the delights of dial-up internet? (If you even had a computer. And I'm thinking I did not!)

And thirty-five years ago? We'd have been crying to one another whilst being tethered to a wall with

a curly, springy cord. I imagine the death rate from "strangulation by telephone cord" would

have been through the roof.

My gratitude toward technology has absolutely blossomed over these past two weeks and I've decided it's time to make it my best friend and be super-grateful for it – instead of generally cursing it and wishing I could go back to using a fountain pen and carrier pigeon, as I have been known to do

upon many occasions.

So we have the wonders of technology...and I have the wonder of being able to find both meaning and humor in even the darkest of I've been thinking, "let's see what we can do when these two things collide!"

I mean, if the general attitude of most humans wasn't tragic enough already, we are clearly in

the midst of a humor apocalypse – and I personally feel it is my duty to do something about it!

I'm considering alternating blog posts and videos (because too much writing on its own

makes me a cranky woman...and that is why I have never had dreams of writing non-stop every day) and am also looking into podcasting and whatever else would allow me to have more fun...and therefore, provide you with more fun!

I also thought I'd jump back into doing one of the things I love most – combining my ART and my WORDS and then tossing them together with a sprinkling of vintage magic and hopefully a dash of humor...and sharing it.

I created this today to cheer myself up because, yes, I did realize my underwear was on inside-

out when I stopped working and went to pee at 4pm. And no...I am not some super-human-middle-aged woman with a bladder the size of a camel's...I had already peed numerous times today. So no need to be envious. ;)

I'm considering doing this kind of thing more regularly, possibly as a "subscription" on my website or on Patreon. I'd also love to turn the most amusing and well-loved creations into cards, prints, and other saucy items!

If you can spare a minute or two (and since we're in an apocalyptic lock-down, dearest, it may be a pleasant distraction from watching your cat give you that "get out of my space!" look), please contact me here NOW (yes I know I'm being bossy) and let me know what you think. I invite you to share how I might add more love, support and laughter to your life...and what additions to my blogging repertoire would enable you to spread love and joy to the amazing women (and men!) in YOUR life.

Would you like to be able to purchase things – as in material objects for yourself or others as gifts? Subscribe to a private "members only" section on my website? Receive top-secret intel, tips, enlightenment and amusement via an email subscription? Take an online class I've designed?

Be part of a "Support Troop" or other community? Any or all of the above?

I don't know about you, but this "crisis" has made me jump in and finally do the things I've been

tip-toeing around for a long while now. Even though after my husband died and after my son died...both times I swore I'd not waste a moment EVER again...but yes, we all do it, we end up wasting time! Humans don't learn all that quickly!

And despite all of the nightmarish stuff going on out there, I know this is also a gift, OUR TIME to make a more significant difference in one another's lives. If we choose to.

I look forward to hearing from you with any suggestions or requests you might have. Your thoughts are so important to me. Truly. I can't do this without you! (Well ok that's a lie...I can, and I will...but it will be so much better with your input!)

Sending love, hugs and a laughter...



ps - I DO HAVE A NEW BOOK. Better than a book – a multi-media interactive "project" that poured out of my heart just before Christmas. I'm currently figuring out how to get it into the world ASAP. Not in paper form at the moment because that's too long a process – something more immediate and downloadable – since this new book is all about "empowering women to rise up from the Pit of Despair!" And so many are either in that pit right now...or teetering on the precipice!

Who knew a pandemic would occur while I was dawdling along getting my book out there...what timing The Divine has, right? Nothing says "get your bottom in gear" like a global crisis.

I may do a "Beta" version as a PDF download...because it's quick and could help so many people so much more quicly...and then do a 2.0 version when I can spend more time on the design of a paper "real book" version. Any thoughts? As always, love to hear from you via my contact page or email me directly at

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