Pandemic Video #1: Getting Out Our Megaphones

Good evening Darling...I hope you're faring well and weathering this "storm" (and by storm I mean

not just the pandemic but also, if you're in southern Maine, this freakish yet beautiful April onslaught of snow!), along with experiencing doses of inner joy, inspiration and creativity. If you aren't, here's a little video filled with my personal thoughts on getting out our megaphones and how vital it is to keep

on keepin' on...and to look for laughter and smiles through it all.

Today I'm beginning my posting of a series of videos. Ten to be exact. I'm challenging myself to post a video every day, for ten straight days. They're going to be short by my standards. Which means a lot shorter than a feature film, by not quite as short as the trailer for that same feature film.

And we'll see where things go from there! Today's video is a mere three minutes and change. So if you have three minutes (and change) to spare, I invite you to partake.

Today's video was actually created yesterday...too late in the day to (at least minimally) edit and post before most everyone went to sleep. So yesterday's video will be today's video. And therefore, every day I'll be one day behind, theoretically, which is just fine with me. Because, well, we're all doing our best. And perfection is for the weak.

Video #1 of my ten day challenge. This one's for you, Cole! (Along with every other creative thing

I shall ever produce for the remainder of my existence, if I'm being completely honest.) xo

Looking forward to hearing from you with thoughts on this video and I look forward to having you share some of your personal sources of joy and inner strength. You can contact me/ write to me here. Subscribe to my blog here (and get on my mailing list for other goodies) and even subscribe to my newest YouTube channel – "Meat and Romance."

And remember, we all already have everything we need right inside of us. So tap into it!

Please share this and my other blog posts with those you love. Or even just kind of like. Or who are complaining about truly life-threatening know, like running out of their favorite eyeliner.

(HA!) We all need to keep one another afloat! And I count on everyone to spread the love, support and


Sending out love to all of you. (Unless you're doing something stupid like attending a "Coronavirus Party on the Beach" that case, I'm sending the police.)

Sandi xxoo

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