Pandemic Video #2: Safe but Brave!

Happy Friday to all of you, my loyal (or perhaps only occasional) readers. And watchers. And listeners. Welcome to the close of another volume – and by volume I mean week – of pandemic pandemonium.

This is video numero dos of my ten-day-self-imposed-video-challenge. One of my goals is to make

each video a bit shorter than the previous video. This will be quite challenging in and of itself, since

I can be quite the prolific talker. Fortunately, it also makes me a prolific content creator!

I have so many things I want to discuss and share with all of you. Today we'll be talking a bit about strong women, brave women, and women doing good in the world. There will also be a mention of fruit trees.

So todays video, although officially and purposefully unscripted, did involve a bit of masterminding. I saw something on my desk this morning that made me think, "YES! That's what I want to talk about today!"

Of course then my lovely mother, Louise, dialed me up as I was heading off in my car to find a parking-lot-film-studio to create this video...and my previous topic flew directly out the window.

I got off the phone with her and knew exactly what I wanted to share with you.

So here we go!

Also, I failed (not miserably, but still...) at making this video shorter than the last. In fact, it's longer. But I'm hoping you'll find it as worthy of four minutes (and change) of your time as I believe it to be.

The Dairy Queen is a temptress! But a cherry dip cone is just not the same when housed in a

hermetically-sealed-pandemic-era serving device. Sans a cone. But better safe and cone-less, than sorry!

As I request in this video, please do get in touch to share tidbits about amazing women you've known! I'm planning on doing interviews at some point in the not-too-distant future to gather your stories, and how amazing would it be if I got to interview you! You can email me here, comment below on this blog post or on my YouTube channel (Meat and Romance), message me on Facebook or send smoke signals, Morse Code messages, etc.

Also...don't forget to subscribe to my blog you don't miss future posts or other treats!

Remember...share the love, support and laughter...we're all in this together. And I need you in

my Support Troop! (That's a Girl Scout Dropout reference if you aren't in the loop...and I'm missing my GSD goodies, so stay tuned, I'm thinking of releasing some of my official original GSD Bra Badges for sale in my shop soon. Will keep you posted!

And remember, it's "More Support than an Underwire Bra")

Sending love to all...enjoy your Friday evening. And keep on being your amazing self, Darling!

Sandi xxoo

ps - Love you, mom! Hope this makes you smile.

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