Pandemic Video #3: Talk of Sex, Love and Dating during lockdown

Happy Saturday evening (if you're a night owl)...or Happy Easter morning...if you're not.

I'm admittedly posting this, video #3 in my ten-part-pandemic-video-challenge, a wee bit late...due to the fact that I spent nearly eight full hours having another in a series of "pandemic parking lot visits" with one of my dear friends. It started shortly before noon and lasted until sunset.

Wow! A new record for us!

And let me tell you, it was quite cathartic. Because not only did we share a lot of deep and meaningful thoughts. We also shared a lot of not-so-deep and not-so-meaningful thoughts. Actually, what we ended up talking about for a good portion of our time together was not what I expected to be talking! Good sex. Fantastic sex. Unforgettable sex. Sensuality. Sexuality. Underwear. Gender orientation. Sexual confusion. Of course we also got into relationships, dating, mid-life dating, internet dating, ridiculous dating, how much dating is good for us, when to take a break from dating, when to pursue dating, and when to absolutely toss in the towel on a relationship and possibly change your phone number. Or move to another state.

It was so much fun! And much laughter ensued. Along with a number of *sighs.* And then more laughter.

There were two older couples parked in two cars situated near us, apparently having their own version of a parking lot visit. We surmised they were not having nearly the fun we were having, however, and were most likely talking about which brands of dog food were most popular with their pets.

It made us feel somehow extremely fortunate to be us. And not them.

This "social distancing" thing is rough though. Especially for those of us who are born huggers...and generally touchy-feely people. And there's little that soothes the soul during this time (or any time, really), like talking and laughing with a friend. And seeing that friend's face. In real life. Not on a screen. Even if it's six feet away.Especially a friend with whom you can share any manner of information...with zero fear of judgment, shock or disappointment regarding your character or life choices. No grimaces or scowls. No gasps of horror.

Good friends who are completely accepting and unconditionally loving are hard to come by...and when you find them, you need to treasure them.

On that note...I hope you enjoy this little late night (and very dimly lit!) video. It's mostly about the words, not the visuals...obviously. I was not going for production quality, but for the heartfelt content. So please, cut me some Easter Saturday (or Sunday) slack.

(And please forgive any Easter weekend expletives! I think I edited most or all of them out!)

Warning: once again I have not attained my original goal of "doing a shorter video each time"...because they seem to naturally be getting a bit longer each time. But alas, that's how I roll...if you have about four minutes, take a peek. I think it's worth it. And I hope you'll get some amusement, or inspiration...or even just the teensiest of smiles from both this post and this short video.

I'd love it if you'd take a few moments to share any comments, thoughts and suggestions about what you'd like to talk more about and what would add value and lightness to your life. Love? Sex? Dating? Marriage? Other stuff relating to any of that stuff?

I'm looking forward to providing more of the content you'd enjoy and the conversations you'd like to be part of!

And don't forget to give me your input on our Girl Scout Dropout "More Support Than An Underwire Bra" badges! (See more of about these in my previous post.) Please let know if you'd be excited about the prospect of joining our Support Troop one day! I love those badges and the Support Troop idea...and can't wait to re-introduce them to the world! Version 2.0.

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email me here with ideas, suggestions and comments, or send me a message via Facebook here.

May your Easter, or just your Sunday, be filled with whatever brings you joy. Please help me to spread the love, support and laughter by sharing this post with the people you love. (Or perhaps don't completely love...but at least like and/or want to cheer up.)

Sending you much love. And some jelly beans. if you're into that sort of thing, Stay strong, stay safe...and as always, stay sanitized!

Sandi xxoo

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