Pandemic Video #4: Deep Easter thoughts at my favorite cemetery!

Happy Sunday evening to one and all. I hope your regular old Sunday or Easter Sunday (for those celebrating Easter) has been a lovely one thus far.

As promised, I have ventured out today (safely, of course!) and created a fourth video in my 10-day-pandemic-video-series-challenge. I wasn't certain what to chat about today, but then I went for a walk at one of my favorite old lovely cemeteries here in southern coastal Maine...and well, since it was Easter, I found myself easily drawn to one of my favorite topics – the spirit realm. Woooooo Hooooo!

This is an (almost exactly) three-minute short little video, and I hope you'll be able to take time out from your evening to watch.

And we go:

I'm just a little bit obsessed with cool old tombstones. I really love how this one notifies everyone that this person has DIED. I'd certainly hope that's the reason they're in the ground...under a stone!

Now that you've watched (and if you haven't and are still just reading...go hit that arrow, Darling!

I'd love to hear from you and delve more deeply into the subject of spirituality, messages from the great beyond, the afterlife, any totally weird or even slightly freaky experiences you've had with those who have "made their exit," etc. I'm certain if I have thoughts and experiences and fascinating stuff to share (which of course, I do!), many of you might, as well. I'd love to be the catalyst to make those conversations happen – and to put. more of this content out there into the world. We need to speak about this stuff more...not sweep it under the rug. It's simply not healthy to NOT share. Plus...some of it is SO just plain old cool.

Please contact me here via my website with your interesting and brilliant thoughts, suggestions, etc, send a direct message on FB, or comment below on this blog or on my "Meat and Romance" YouTube channel...where these videos are living.

And as always, you can get my blog (and other occasional treats) delivered directly to your in-box by signing up here!

Please help me spread the love, support and laughter by sharing my website, blog and videos with those you love, like or merely tolerate. We all need some extra support these days, especially.

Enjoy your evening. One little loving suggestion: probably best to not ingest that entire eighteen-inch chocolate bunny in one sitting. And if you stole if from your four-year-old, the Easter Bunny will haunt your dreams tonight. ;)

Sending love and a smile...

Sandi xxoo


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