Pandemic Video #5: Humor – Our Ultimate Survival Tool

Not a superlative quality photo...but I couldn't get Kate McKinnon or the

notorious RBG to meet up so I could photograph them! So this will suffice.

For now. I completely intend to get them to acquiesce eventually.

Good evening my friends and loved ones and dare I say, comrades in arms?

So here we are – day six of my video challenge – my how the time flies! Tonight I'm proudly presenting video #5. Because yesterday was just a yucky day and well, I'm not about perfection anymore. And couldn't inspire myself to create a video #5 in the midst of that glumness. It wouldn't

have been anything worth watching. But this video is. (I believe so, anyway.) So let's keep rolling along, shall we?

I had a lot of fun making this video. It was a particular joy for me because, well, I was talking about one of my most favorite of topics: humor. And laughter. And how healing and essential it is for us to include as much of it in our daily lives as possible.

Even on the darkest of days.

Correction: Especially on the darkest of days!

I truly hope you get a smile, laugh, glimmer of hope or feeling of connection from this. I mean every word, with my whole heart. (And believe me, I had to cut out a lot of other words that also came from my heart...because it started out being a hefty thirteen minutes long.)

Here we go:

Please email me comments, suggestions, or share anything you're longing for or that makes YOU laugh here. You can also comment here on my blog or on my YouTube channel (Meat and Romance...where this video lives). Or send me smoke signals, if that's your preferred method of communication.

As always, I invite you to join in the fun by signing up for my blog here, so any new posts and other occasional tidbits of joy will be conveniently delivered right to your very own in-box.

Finally...please help me spread the LOVE, SUPPORT and LAUGHTER by sharing my offerings with those you like, love or merely tolerate. I can't do it without you!

Stay safe, stay sanitized...and keep smiling – the world needs your strength and your spirit!

Bonsoir (from me and my Parisian scarf) ~



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