Pandemic Video #6: Pandemically Perfect Beauty

Look! It's Barbie! Who knew she also modeled for book covers

(In addition to dating Ken, maintaining a fabulous wardrobe...and perfect hair!)

Happy Wednesday, Ladies (and a few Gentlemen.) I'm here for you today with video #6 in my ten-part-pandemic-video-challenge. This one if full of thoughts on grooming. And beauty. Especially during these hairdresser and professional pedicure-free days!

I invite you to listen to my personal thoughts on all of this...and to chime in with any thoughts, suggestions, fabulous ideas or personal moments of enlightenment you've experienced whilst

living through this dystopian pandemonium.

I created this video up in the attic. Which is really a perfect location, and I'll probably start using it on the regular. There's a cast-iron stove up there...and I envision FDR style "fireside chats." Of course

I also love driving around, looking for the perfect parking lot! So it'll still be a mash-up as far as locations go.

One great thing about doing it at home is that I get to use props...and set up my phone in a stable location, so you don't get seasick watching these solo productions.

And so, without further we go. Video #6. Featuring me, some nail polish...and if all goes well, a special appearance by the most ageless and plastically-perfect woman in history!

As always, please leave suggestions about things you'd like to talk about, comments about this video and exciting relatable examples from your own life here via my website...or comment on this blog or on my YouTube channel (Meat and Romance...where this video lives!).

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And please help me spread the LOVE, SUPPORT and LAUGHTER by sharing my offerings with those you love, like or merely tolerate. :) Because I can't do it without you!

Look forward to hearing from you. And meanwhile, stay safe, stay sanitized...and shave your legs if it makes you feel like a kick-ass empowered chick!



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