Pandemic Video #7: Life is short, listen to your heart!

Well hello again, Darling. I was fortunate enough to escape to a desolate beach today (and I mean desolate in the best and most exciting way possible!) and created an amazingly short little snippet of a video with a few thoughts – really one BIG thought – about the brevity of life, and how to use this "extra" time we have in relative isolation to contemplate some big decisions.

Because, well, life is far too short to waste any of it on the wrong people, circumstances, activities and all the rest. It's really pretty simple to figure out our personal path.

But it does take courage. And I know you've absolutely got some, or you wouldn't be reading this!

So here we go, video number seven...I can't believe it. And if you've continued reading and watching, I applaud you. And thank you, as well. I know ten days in a row is a LOT...even when it's ten days of ME. (Yes, I'm laughing at that.)

Yes? No? Your heart always knows the answer. (And a wishy-washy "Maybe" is not what your heart has planned for you, Darling!)

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me into your world.

Please reach out to me here with any comments or personal thoughts on this video or my message...

you can email me via my website on my contact page. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel (Meat and Romance) and get my posts and other occasional treats delivered right to your very own in-box by signing up for my blog here.

Have a lovely Thursday evening (is it almost ANOTHER weekend already? And what is a weekend anymore, really, anyway?!).

I'd love it if you'd help me spread the Love, Support and Laughter by sharing my offerings with

those you love, like, or merely tolerate. We all need some extra TLC!

Stay calm. Stay cozy. Stay courageous.

And remember...follow that **** YES feeling!



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