Pandemic Video #8: Your Internal Guidance System is screaming at you. Are you listening?

Little did I know these diminutive Johnny-Jump-Ups were professional hit men,

sent to take me down!

Hi there my friends, loved ones and Darlings...

I needed to take a sabbatical from my blog writing and video posting because I suffered a direct and deadly hit to my the form of some very delicate and lovely flowers.

So I decided to take as long as I needed to process it all, and it turns out, what I needed was four days of zero news, social media, or interaction with anyone of whom I wasn't especially fond.

Today I was out picking up additional food for my kooky and finicky and oh-so-charmingly demanding felines, and afterward I was inspired to pull over in a grim looking parking lot to make this little video.

It's longer than the rest...but hey, if you don't have seven minutes or so, I won't force you. Plus, you could pretend it's all of the videos I didn't make in the last four days rolled into one, and that makes them each under two minutes! (I don't really believe we have the attention span of a gnat if it's something we're really interested in, anyway...we are the masters of our domains...and our brains!)

I will tell you, however, that it involves flowers, a few tears, and once again, a message from my heart to yours. About following our heart's callings. Because yes, life is ephemeral. Just like these beautiful

and scrumptious little blossoms.

I hope you might connect with what I'm sharing, and take it to heart. And listen to YOUR heart. And your internal guidance system. More than anything or anyone is your bright shining

flashlight, leading the way to the truth of who you are, why you're here..and to your joy.

And so, break out the popcorn and Twizzlers – and let's get on with it, shall we?

As always, thank you for welcoming my words into your world, and for being part of this. You can

join the fun by getting my posts and videos and other tidbits of lusciousness delivered directly to your in-box by subscribing here.

I also always welcome your thoughtful comments and brilliant suggestions/ requests...and you can email me here with those.

I truly feel that if even one person reading or watching my offerings feels a sense of connection, caring or's worth it. Plus, making these is therapeutic for me. So even if just your cats Thelma and Louise (or your doggies Oscar and Meyer) are watching this without you, I'm good with it. At least the three of us are still getting something out of it!

Have a lovely Tuesday evening (I think it's Tuesday!) and please help spread the Love, Support and Laughter by sharing my offerings with those you love, like, or merely tolerate. We are all ONE. (Hard to believe some days, but let's try our best!). Ommmmmmmm.

Sending love, light, and perhaps some chips, salsa and a margarita....



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