Where's Your Wild Joy Hiding?

Ok. I know I disappeared for a while. The "nice girl" in me feels like I "should" apologize.

But I'm not going to...because that whole nice girl thing is so over-rated. ;)

The truth is, I simply needed to disconnect. From screens. From social media. So I did. Because the best thing we can do for the other people we share this planet with right now (or at any time) is to find our own center. To find our own inner peace. And most importantly, to find our own JOY. Because if we are feeling lit up inside, no matter what our outer circumstances, then we are adding something positive to our world.

Unhappy, angry people only spread more unhappiness and negativity.

Happy, centered people spread more...well...you can guess!

When we first focus on our own well-being, we have so much more to give to the world.

Even if it's just a smile. Smiles matter. Little things matter. We don't all need to be protesting. We contribute to world peace and collective joy in our own special and authentic ways.

Last evening I went for a last-minute beach walk. I went out to mail a letter and felt an urgent pull to drive another bunch of miles to get to one of my heart's long-time favorite spots. As I drove

the clouds became heavier and by the time I arrived, it was all grayness and chilliness and fog.

And I started getting ...weepy.

Not because I was annoyed with the weather. But because one of the things I love most about

living on the coast of Maine is that there IS so much "weather." And I don't mean the normal, constant changes in weather conditions to which New Englander's are accustomed ...I mean,

there is weather here, baby. You can literally see clouds of mist blowing across the road in front

of you. You are inside of it. And I love it.

Ever since I moved here fifteen years ago, to a house in a part of a little town that jutted

out into the ocean, I fell in love with the raw energy of nature and feeling of spiritual connection to

whatever created us...and whatever runs this show.

For me, nature is sensual, sexy, grounding, overwhelmingly beautiful and soulful.

And so I walked in the fog, my feet in the ocean (where I like them!) and a few silky, hot pink

petals from a beach rose in my hand. Which were soon joined by beach pea blossoms and foliage with a delicate tendril, and a perfect, singular daisy.

I kept up the happy weeping as I kept walking and simultaneously laughed at myself. I also pulled my phone out of my back pocket and recorded a video to remind myself of who I truly am in my soul, what truly brings my spirit to life, and what makes me feel that sense of devotion and awe.

In case I ever need a little reminder. And we all need reminders.

I'm a woman who loves everything sensual about life. I love being in this body. And I love

being in this magnificent world. Even when things don't go at all according to our well-laid plans.

We are here in bodies for a reason. We have five senses for a reason. To ENJOY using them and

to experience all the pleasure they can bring us. I totally believe we're probably evolving into some higher form. Maybe we'll be able to communicate telepathically one day. Maybe meditation connects us to the great beyond. I mean, I meditate for short periods of time when the urge strikes me...and it's most definitely a wonderful way to get centered and be open to receiving info from whomever is sending out those radio waves...but if we're going to die one day in the not extremely distant future, why would we spend inordinate hours meditating or trying to NOT be in our bodies and not use our senses?

Whoever created our beautiful, amazing bodies also created this beautiful planet for us to enjoy. And to appreciate. And to love. And to take care of!

I've done a lot of "seeking" in my adult life, trying to find answers. Especially after losing people I love. And I finally realized, we don't need to waste more time seeking anything. We already have it all. We are it all. (That sounds horribly grammatically incorrect, and makes my ears hurt, but there you go.)

My message today is two-fold:

1. We arrived here as perfect beings. We don't need to re-make ourselves or re-invent ourselves. Rather, we need to dissolve into ourselves. We need to get rid of all of the **** that covers up who we truly are. Who we were deep inside our soul when we arrived here...flying out of our mother's vaginas... honest and naked and screaming. (We clearly didn't want to be here, but, here we all are!)

2. We need to embrace our bodies and our senses (and our sensuality) and celebrate them for the brief time we are blessed to be here inhabiting them...on this earth. As far as I know, there are no delicately scented, silky-smooth beach roses, savory BLTs made with garden-ripe tomatoes on homemade crispy sourdough toast, or orgasms in the afterlife.

And if all of that is actually there, it'll be a great surprise and a bonus! However, I'm not risking it.

And so, on that note....do you know what makes you happy? Do you know where your peace lies?

What brings you joy? What makes your heart go pitter-patter? What makes you smile without even

trying? What makes you feel absolutely connected to this vastly mysterious and magical thing called "life." What makes you feel sensual, sexy, energetically and soulfully connected to creation and nature?

I'm asking, because maybe no one has asked you lately.

Or maybe you haven't asked yourself lately.

So strip away whatever's covering up your sparkling, radiant, powerful self, baby! *

I want to help you dig and find your own treasure...your own power...your own fog and beach roses.

Sending you love and peace and laughter ~


*That may include belief systems you grew up with that don't resonate with your strong-ass, grown-up self, social conditioning, fear, shame, guilt, people, places, things..or just too much clothing. ;)

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