I wrote a long blog post two nights ago...when some unpleasant neighbors of mine were blasting music until nearly 3 a.m. in what was most certainly an attempt to cause annoyance.

But rather than be annoyed, I chose to use that time to write. About them! I hit publish, and later hit

"un-publish," because the juvenile antics of adult bullies are not even worthy of my time. Or yours.

That said...

There are times in life when things are tough.

There are situations that are irritating at best and devastating at worst.

There are days that are trying to the soul.

There are incidents that will shatter our heart.

There are people who will try to bring us down.

And, let's be real...there are people in the world who are the equivalent of toxic waste.

But there is ONE thing that is the key to your sanity, superiority, and salvation:


I picked up this painted stone in a little patch of dirt in front of a patch of flowers in front of a police

station in southern Massachusetts about three years ago.

My iPhone had been stolen and I had just emerged from a meeting with an officer and was headed back to my car. I was upset about the loss of my phone. I was more upset that the final voicemail messages from my son, who had passed away from this earthly realm a year and a half earlier, were on that phone. And I didn't know at that moment I'd ever hear his voice again without that phone.

I was at the tail end of a massively dysfunctional emotionally abusive relationship with a man who had just dealt me one of his final blows.

I had sold my house months before and was living in an apartment five hours from the place my children and I had called home for over a decade.

I am pretty certain I didn't care anymore. About life. About anything.

I was in a place of utter despair.

It was a gray day...both In the clouds, and in my heart. And then I looked over and saw this little collection of painted stones. In front of some flowers. In front of the police station. Like a tiny oasis.

My heart made a beeline to the bright colored objects and then I saw a small sign with instructions to "take one."

And there it was. This stone. With the message The Universe/God/ Divine Inspiration knew I desperately needed to hear:


I felt as if I'd just been given a direct line to the core of my being. A reminder of my essence.

My son had been the source of so much laughter. My husband. My other two children as well. Every person I truly loved in my life, dead or alive, has or had the ability to laugh with me until we had tears in our eyes, and to make me laugh, at will.

As I held that stone in the palm of my "defeated-and-depleted-by-life's-crappiness" hand, the lightening bolt reminder of my superpower hit me:

I still had my sense of humor. I had my lifeline.

And I got into my car, not knowing if I'd ever see my phone again and ever hear those precious bits of my son's voice again, and I placed that bright-and-uplifting-as-the-summer-sky-above-my-favorite-beach-blue stone in the little space below the radio dials and I drove away and smiled through my tears.

I thought about what that stone represented to me...















And above all, a deep, endless well of of amazing f*cking PERSONAL POWER.

R-O-A-R, baby!

I have never taken that stone from its special spot in my car. I see it pretty much daily as coast down the highway, navigate my way through traffic... and deal with life's challenges as they float like clouds through my head. And I purposefully keep it in my line of vision. (I also keep photos of it on my iPhone which eventually miraculously found its way back to me!)

I keep it to remind me of my true spirit. My true essence. And my true reasons for loving this life so much: Love. Lightness. Laughter.

The saddest people in the world are the people who waste their time here on earth taking it all too seriously. The people who love to wallow. Who attempt to spread their own inner misery to others. Those who cannot laugh. Or make other people laugh. Those who cannot laugh at themselves, or at the cosmically unfathomable gift, conundrum and plight of being a human spinning on a big ball of rock...alone in the middle of what appears to our limited senses to be a whole lot of nothing.

And any time anyone is attempting to use their inner hurt, nastiness, ugliness, pettiness, or jealousy

to attempt to ruin my Divinely-given right to inner peace, happiness and joy...I picture this stone and remember my unshakeable superpower.

My sense of humor.

It's a gift that no one can steal from us, if we are blessed to have it.

Always remember – bullies and innerly miserable people, no matter how petty and annoying, are merely big bags of insecurity, grasping for power – and absolutely no match for those of us blessed with the DIVINE and INNATE ability to find tidbits of humor in most anything. And anyone.

Aloha, Namaste, and May the Amazing Forcefield of Humor be with you always.

Have a wonderful day.

Sandi xo

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